Saturday, June 21, 2014

Day Twenty One: Live Slowly

When I feel like things are too hectic and fast- moving around me, I try to remember to go slowly.

Where possible I walk rather than drive, cook real food rather than pick up a takeaway, go to bed early and rise early.  I read the pages of a book rather than the computer screen, walk around the garden just because (even though my garden is not much to look at) and take some deep breaths at the same time.

I lie on the carpet to hugs the cats and sometimes lie on the carpet even when the cats aren’t around (it feels really grounding and wonderfully relaxing to just lie there on your back for a while).

There are so many ways we can slow down the pace of life.  Just thinking to yourself ‘how can I live a slower and more relaxed life’ will bring up your own ideas.

You will notice your muscles are relaxed rather than tense and that you sleep like a log, right through the night.   Your face will look younger because you are feeling calmer all the time.  Just thinking about being relaxed relaxes you!

Think about what is really important in your life and streamline out those things that don’t support your vision of a life well-lived.  Put time and energy into living your best life and also into causes that are dear to your heart.


  1. I think this is where yoga fits into my life...although my pace is not frantic I need the quiet respite to keep me grounded.
    Your carpet time might be like shivasana the pose at the end of a practice session of Yoga.
    Have a lovely weekend Fiona.

  2. I live a fairly quiet life, but I have a very busy head! So I still need to slow down my thoughts. Gazing at beautiful scenery with no media present helps me. thanks Fiona for this series. I'm enjoying it.

  3. Loving each and every one of these posts. Thank you.
    Linda C.

  4. We're on the same page....I love "living life in the slow lane"


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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