Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Day Ten: Motivating Viewing

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I love to watch tv or a movie with my feet up on the sofa as much as the next lazy person.  Sometimes I’m in the mood for something stylish and French, and… sometimes I’m not.  But if I’m going to be lounging around with trashy tv for a few hours, why not be motivated at the same time.

I re-watched The Devil Wears Prada today, on a super-rainy and cosy day at home.  I initially only put it on to watch the opening credits because I love them so much.  KT Tunstall sings ‘Suddenly I See’, while beautiful and slim New York women get ready for their day.  That in itself motivates me to be my best, non-slobby, slimmest person who makes an effort when she gets ready for work in the morning.

But the film carried on and I just didn’t want to stop it.  I watched parts and was out of the room for parts while I did my housework.  I definitely made sure I was in the room for the Paris part.  It’s such a beautiful and glamorous piece of the movie.

Plus The Devil Wears Prada is humorous, just another bonus.  Laughing is so good for you and very much under-rated by some I think.

Miranda Priestly (Meryl Streep), holding up a flamboyant orange dress with a tiered skirt:
'What do you think of this?’
Nigel (Stanley Tucci):
'Yeah, well you know me.  Give me a full ballerina skirt and a hint of saloon and I’m on board’.  

Other motivating ‘trashy’ viewing I love:

Desperate Housewives.  I like to re-watch episodes every now and then to be inspired by their homes (especially Bree and her Martha Stewart-ness), their slenderness and the way they dress.  I’d love to wear a pencil skirt and elegant blouse like Bree, but the reality is that I probably dress more casually like Susan, or maybe a mix of the two.  I never want to dress like Lynette (or Edie for that matter!). And again, it's really funny.

Sex and the City.  Both the series and the movies.  The girls have fun with fashion and inspire me to try different things in the way I dress.  Plus their homes are great to see, and being set in NYC is a definite bonus.

Another motivating movie I saw at the pictures, and now have on dvd:  This is War.  Yes, Reese Witherspoon has rather fallen from grace, but I love this movie because of her personal style in it.  The outfits are great, very wearable and good to take inspiration from.  I love her casual look of skinny jeans, high heels and a pretty top, and the scene where she dances around the house in a long sweatshirt and nothing else is very motivating as she looks so good and it helps me step away from the potato chip bag.  And your man won’t mind watching this one with you because it’s quite a boy/comedy movie.

I’d love to hear any of your motivating tv programmes or movies as I’m always keen to add some to my list!


  1. Bonjour Fiona, Devil wears Prada is one of my fave films too, its so funny in parts! And of course the clothes, wonderful. We all love an underdog, its one of those films tho
    where all the actors contribute, otherwise it would be boring, do you know what I mean? Oh and I have been on the street in Paris where they Kiss! Sad I know, but I had to find it. Bises et vous.

  2. Oh my goodness- I'm out of touch for a few days and you do a daily posting series which I love. I have a bit of catching up to do!

    My secret pleasure is The Good Wife. The fashion is stunning and I would tune in just to see what Christine Baranski. She inspires this "woman of a certain age." In fact, I suggested to my family that they use Julianna Margulies' picture for my obituary instead of my own when the time comes. (They thought I was kidding.)

    I also loved the constantly changing outfits in the movie, "Clueless," now a bit dated and of course very young. But I still have fun watching.

  3. Sorry, that was supposed to be,"...what Christine Baranski is wearing."

  4. I love the movie The Wedding Planner with Jennifer Lopez. I love the scene where she comes home from work and even though she is single and lives alone takes the time to prepare her meal and puts it on a tray with a glass of wine and eats in front of the TV watching an episode of Antiques Roadshow. She takes the time to be elegant and her house is impeccable.

  5. Dear Fiona, I love, love, love Keeping Up Appearances. It was a BBC television series from the 1980's. I borrow the DVD series from my library (I think it is on Netflix also). It is hilarious and I watch it over and over again.

  6. Hi Fiona, one of my favourite movies is Something's Gotta Give - for the music, for the interiors (of course!) - and for Keanu Reeves! I also love how Diane Keaton's character dresses, and I particularly enjoy the scene in the French deli.

  7. Anonymous, I have the box set of Keeping Up Appearances and am enjoying working my way through it. I didn't really watch it properly in the 80s. I love Hyacinth's commitment to gracious living and am inspired by her. Hopefully in a nicer way of course. I really want to answer my phone 'Hello, lady of the house' though. I think it befits my status in the home.

    Thank you for the other suggestions and reasons why you love them. I have Something's Gotta Give and love it. I also have Clueless so will re-watch Not sure if I've seen The Wedding Planner but I will rent it. I've seen a few The Good Wife's and agree the main character is tres stylish.

    Suzie, funny about the street in Paris. I would totally do that too.

    When I was in London in 2001 I made sure to go to 84 Charing Cross Road because I love the book and movie so much. Do you know, when I got there, number 84 was a Pizza Hut, not a charming little used book store. What a disappointment!

  8. I too love Something's Gotta Give, First Wives Club, The Holiday, the list goes on, all favourites that I frequently enjoy. The power of a great comedy/drama, just hits the spot some days.

  9. I'm not sure about motivating, but I love the clothes in Dancing on the Edge, a series set in the 1930s here in Britain. Anything set in the inter-war period has me drooling over the clothes, just the funny little details. For motivation, lately I've found reading books about strong young girls - Divergent and Hunger Games for example - keep me on my exercise programme. At 58 I'm never going to be a lot of things I used to be, but I can still be strong. It's important to do this so I can keep my independence as I age. Chic is a lovely ideal, but I like to factor in healthy and independent as well.

  10. I love watching 'The September Issue' other fashion insights have been 'The Rachel Zoe Project' and 'It's a Brad Brad World'. These send me scurrying to my wardrobe to create outfits and accessories to match.

  11. Hello all! Fiona, you have a lovely and informative blog...I love it! I am pretty late with my suggestions, but better late than never! ;)

    I work in fashion, and am always hunting for stylish films and tv shows. My go-to favorites are: Devil Wears Prada, Scandal, Gossip Girl, Sex and the City, The Tourist, Le Divorce (I find the story of Le Divorce and The Tourist to be a little lacking, but the fashion is good), Blue Jasmine, Sabrina (the original), The Talented Mr. Ripley, and American Hustle.


  12. Bonjour Stephanie, never too late, and thank you for your suggestions!

  13. Have you seen Les parapluies de Cherbourg? Catherine Deneuve is beautiful! The theme song is so haunting. Connie Francis sang it in English. So sad...when I learned the words.
    My post is a little late, too. Haha. But this is something I saw on late night TV.
    I love "Silent Sunday" on Turner Classic which is followed by foreign film. I watched La roué from 1923 and J'accuse! from 1938. Old, but so French:-)

  14. Virginia, thank you for these recommendations, I've not come across any of them before. Yay for new inspiration! Thank you!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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