Saturday, June 14, 2014

Day Fourteen: The Peaceful Home

I’ve read before that the more in control of your life you feel, the happier you are.  I think that’s why decluttering, organising, pottering and homemaking tasks are so popular.  In a relatively short time, for little or no money you can take control of your home, and make it your oasis of calm away from the outside world (which is largely out of our control).

I had a think about what attributes a restful home would have for me so that I can incorporate these ideas as time goes by.

- Tonal, soft colours.  Decorate with touchable textures.
- Clutter-free so the eye can travel unimpeded around the room.
- Clean.
- Candles and soothing music played at a low level to create an ambience.
- Learn the basics of feng shui – often you can correct an ‘off feeling’ in a room by moving furniture around to create a better flow.  At its most basic feng shui simply means a room feels comfortable to be in.
- Be organised.  When an item has an easily accessible place to live it will more likely get put it away.  Clutter builds up when something has nowhere permanent to go.
- Simplify and surround yourself with only that which you love.
- Speaking in a pleasant tone – no fish-wife shrieking or calling out.  I try to remember to use my feet rather than my voice.

What would you add to this list?  What’s your favourite way to make your home a sanctuary?


  1. Fluffy white towels in the bath room and polished untarnished silverware, white plates and sparkling crystal glasses...

  2. Hi Fiona
    Loving your current series, and the treat of a daily post - thank you for sharing!
    Favorite quotes:
    "Have nothing in your home that you do not believe to be useful, or to be beautiful" (William Morris)
    "To be happy at home is the ultimate result of all ambition - the end to which every enterprise and labour tends" (Samual Johnson)

  3. I would add fresh flowers, indoor plants and call diversion.

  4. I love the last bit about using your feet rather than your voice. As a mother-of-two, this really struck me. I would add books. Not heaps of them. I have gotten rid of nearly all of mine. But some books. When I walk into someone's home, or when I come back to mind, books make me feel grounded.

  5. I find fresh flowers and books make a home peaceful for me. But I also need to do some silver polishing this week-end.

  6. I would say turn off the TV unless watching a specific show and don't just leave it on as background noise. I also love fresh flowers and organized drawers and cabinets (the places not on display). It just feels luxurious to me. I can declutter all I want but if it's stuffed in an overflowing closet it bothers me.

  7. Yes! Using our feet rather than our voices...I realize that I must start to do this...and hopefully my husband will follow my example :) Thanks for the reminder!
    I am so loving your 30-day series!

  8. Such a peaceful list of suggestions, thank you! I love them all. And Stephanie, my goal is to have every wardrobe, cupboard and drawer in my house be neat and decluttered. It's a thrilling thought. Lovely quotes, Susan.

  9. Your post and the comments are so useful. "Use your feet, not your voice" -- I need to do that a lot more. I also like books (not in piles), one lovely healthy plant in a blue and white porcelain cache pot, uncluttered surfaces AND uncluttered closets and drawers. That's a feng shui principle -- no hidden clutter to block energy flow.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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