Friday, June 6, 2014

Day Six: No Sugar

Ines de la Fressange.  I don't think she eats sugar.

I know I’ve just written about this recently, but No Sugar has been such a huge part of my health and happiness that it has to be included in the Thirty Chic Days list.  Contrary to what you may think, No Sugar doesn’t mean absolutely no sugar, it means mostly no sugar.  But if I called it Mostly No Sugar then I’d see a loophole and just eat everything.  Mind games is how I get through life…

Here is the version of No Sugar I have come up with that works for me.

Because most of my meals are prepared at home or work (on a normal week it would be 19 or 20 out of a possible 21 meals), when we do eat out I pretty much have what I want.

The main focus is not purchasing and bringing sweet items into the house.  If they’re not there I won’t be able to eat them.  Being an adult, I am always free to go out after dinner to buy something sweet if I want.  But I’m too lazy.  The sofa is so cosy, we’re watching tv or I’m reading a book, so I have what’s there (the default dark chocolate which is always in the pantry).

I don’t really restrict myself in any other way, however cutting out the bulk of my sugary consumption has helped me choose healthier options.  It’s when I’ve been eating lollies and chocolate that I want junky meals.

When I picked up my library books today, one of the lovely librarians (he’s about my age) came over to tell me I ‘look fit’.  I think he meant ‘fit and healthy’ rather than ‘fit’ in the English way.  He’s such a honey.

I admit at that time I had been teetering on the edge and coveting a bar of something sweet for the afternoon, but after our thoughtful librarian’s comment I remembered that I enjoy being slimmer and looking nicer in my clothes.  He saved me from myself!

I definitely haven’t been perfect and I’ve slipped up a few times since I decided No Sugar, but the taste wasn’t worth it and I felt physically horrible and racked with remorse.  The thought of those sweet items is definitely better than the reality, which as time goes on and I have less of them, gets easier and easier to instantly remember.

I still do like sweet things though, so here are my treats which are manageable for me:

- An icy cold can of Diet Coke (although I don’t drink it from the can, of course I have a champagne flute)
- Two squares of Whittakers Dark Ghana 72% chocolate 
- Jarrah coffee mix (usually as a hot drink after lunch)

I generally have these things once a day, most days.

Do you trick yourself?  What about sweet treats that don’t set you off, do you have any?


  1. Hi Fiona,
    I am with you on No Sugar. Like you I don't keep sweets at home that's why I don't eat them. I can have a nice dessert in the restaurant from time to time though, something really fancy. I also keep only dark chocolate at home but I noticed that I started eating less and less of it. The alternative is dry fruits (raisins, apricot, prunes). They are sweet but healthy since they contain fructose.
    Regards, Maria

  2. I'm definitely in the no sugar camp as I don't have a sweet tooth. If it's not there, I can't eat it. I rarely eat dessert in a restaurant unless it is a special meal. During my time in France, I visit a special pâtisserie
    usually once during my stay and make a beautiful purchase. This year it was an "Amaryllis" from Gérard Mulot. Right now, fresh strawberries are coming in season in Canada and they are a treat.

  3. Fortunately I do not crave sweets but I do like a wee bit of chocolate now and then. My sweets are things like cantaloupe, berries and watermelon.
    Now if you were to have a no potatoes post I'd have to confess that I am in love! Any kind of potato and especially fries and chips!
    The fit compliment is something to be proud of Fiona. You work hard keeping yourself trim and in shape so well done.

  4. alas, sugar is my downfall. I struggle with this more than any other food issue. I do try not to bring sweet things home, but love to bake homemade pies, etc. I try to keep that to once in a while. Sugar does not make me feel good afterwards though so I just have to keep remembering. good for you for not doing a complete ban, though. I think it sets one up for failure. congratulations on your efforts, sounds like they are paying off!

  5. im working on a post about this subject fiona. the idea of giving up life's pleasures seem to offend some people. they don't realize that there is often a reward much more lasting in value than a few bites (which are usually disappointing)of a sweet treat. like hostess my main weakness in life is potatoes. which i eat regularly - but the potato chip...mmmmm. x

  6. With you completely on the sugar thing, I find that a teaspoon or two of coconut oil straight from the jar helps with any cravings, I think that the good fats are part of it as well.
    Cindy F

  7. Hi Fiona, I have a feeling Ines Delafressange still eats sugar, she is Parisienne after all - I think it's more about moderation and balance. I don't think the French do extremes with their diets very much. A little decadence every now and then is fine :) I believe that's also when it becomes a luxury, which is wonderful.

    I know when I try to tell myself I can't have something anymore, I will give in and then feel guilty about it. I'm not doing that to myself anymore, life is to be enjoyed!

  8. I basically have very little sugar, a smidgen on morning porridge and perhaps a little in something small at morning tea. I feel so much better without sugar spikes.

  9. I keep white chocolate around. It sounds odd, but I find it so sweet that I end up eating a bit with a piece of fruit and that satisfies me. Dark chocolate doesn't give me that sweetness so I eat too much of it!

    Right now my work lunch is a little bread and cheese with a plain greek yogurt and some fruit preserves mixed in, plus fruit on the side. With a virtuous lunch, I find that a white chocolate truffle keeps me feeling luxurious rather than deprived.

  10. the key word to enjoy life like our beloved parisienne is MODERATION.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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