Saturday, June 7, 2014

Day Seven: Feel Sexier

You will be shocked to find out this is NOT me at home in La Perla.

Nothing speeds up the downward spiral of motivation like feeling frumpy does.  A missed week of shaving your legs, wearing your comfy knickers and eating more crappy foods is the road that leads to nowhere chic.

So, to turn this around, I re-commit to every second day doing a quick shave of my legs in the shower, weeding out my lingerie drawer and enjoy wearing my nice knickers, and cutting out the treat foods that sometimes sneak in during the week (I try and reserve treat foods for weekends for the most part).

Almost straight away you feel better.  Smooth moisturised legs and nice underwear is instant, and it only takes a few days of eating better again to feel more vibrant (even if your weight hasn’t changed much yet, your body is so happy with the nutrition).  And your significant other will probably notice and appreciate your happiness.

Play music that makes you want to move your body.  Gotan Project, flamenco/Latin guitar type sounds, even Pharrell Williams.  There are so many good songs that make you feel like moving, make you feel a little sexy.  Perhaps it’s time for a new playlist?  Put it on when you get home from work while you’re straightening things up and getting dinner ready.  It’s far better than the (bad) news.

Sexy up your home clothes.  I have two very fine merino jumpers where the V-neck is just that little bit too low for work.  I would wear them with a scarf to not scare the customers, but have decided to put them in my home clothes drawer instead of my work clothes drawer.  Now paired with some nice new clingy leggings as chic lounge wear, ooh la la, no scarf required.  I am that sexy and sophisticated French lady of my dreams, at home with her love!


  1. Wearing the loveliest underwear and loungewear is a truly chic habit. You can be sexy alone, you can be sexy if you are plump or thin as long as you consider yourself worth the effort. Bon Week-end!233

  2. I completely agree with you on all the points you made. When i shave my legs consistently, wear nice lingerie and eat healthier, i feel much better about myself. And in turn, i approach life with a better perspective and my days flow better.

    Now, i am off to shave my legs and clear out my pantry

    xo Stephanie

  3. The frumpy downward spiral . . . haha, yes that can happen so easily. You're right though, just a little attention to the details goes a long ways. I keep waiting to lose a little more weight before getting myself some nicer undies (knickers); maybe I shouldn't wait! Have a lovely weekend, Fiona.

  4. I just love your suggestions. Have implemented them and can see the difference.

  5. Sexy at any size gets my applause!
    I love lacy lingerie and it needn't cost the Perla is a bit out of my budget.
    I love your ooh la la attitude and those plunging necklines with leggings soft skin and no stubble are a recipe for romance. Enjoy your weekend!

  6. Hostess, I've never had any La Perla either. In Hawaii I bought some lovely knickers for not much at the Ross discount store. I'm a thrifty girl.

  7. Attention to grooming is really my barometer of how well I'm caring for myself.

  8. I don't allow myself to buy anything frumpy. It is priority on my criteria when shopping for clothes. This idea is akin to not letting any unhealthy foods into the house. If it isn't there in the first place, it can't be used!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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