Thursday, June 12, 2014

Day Twelve: Excitement

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Thanks to a few different sources and also from my own experience, I have come to the conclusion that excitement is the key to achieving anything you want to achieve.  I believe becoming excited about something is the fuel that will enable you to make positive and lasting changes to reach your goal no matter what that goal is.

For example, when I created my minimal wardrobe, I’d backed off so many times because it just looked too hard to do and my wardrobe didn't seem that bad anyway (my thoughts).  Reading up on others Project 333 experiences (on Day Three of Thirty Chic Days) made me excited about doing that for myself and I practically launched my body through the wardrobe doors so eager was I to get started.

That’s when I realised I could do this with anything.  And the great thing is, you don’t need to be excited already or have someone else make you excited – you can create your own excitement literally from thin air!  Talking something up and talking positively about it will make you happy to be doing it and the rest will follow.

Often I read Amazon reviews of a book I’ve enjoyed and I will only read the five-star reviews because who wants to read about people moaning.  Especially if I love the book I don’t want others negative views to cloud my own.  After reading five-star reviews I actually love the book more than I already did and I end up re-reading it.  I've done this a lot.  So why not do my own five-star reviews for anything in my life?

I’ve been really ‘not energetic’ with exercise for a while now.  I want to get back into my daily walks for fitness and also sunshine exposure as per yesterday’s post.  Instead of looking at it as something that I should do (and therefore do not do it) I am now excited to be strolling the streets and enjoying late Autumn with the trees a blaze of beautiful colour simply because I reframed it in my mind.

Instead of feeling obligated and resisting going for a daily walk, I'm telling myself:

- It will be fun and I feel excited to be going for a neighbourhood walk
- I will be très chicly dressed in my daily outfit with appropriate shoes and some big sunglasses
- I will be French in my mind as I ‘take the air’
- I will enjoy myself and feel my body being tall and strong as I stroll along
- My body will thank me  - my muscles, my blood-flow, my lungs, they will all be thrilled

When you become excited about something it is not a chore to carry through with a promise to yourself.  You want to do it!  Like most of us, I don’t like being told what to do, whether it’s by someone else or myself.  Making myself want to do something is the answer.

Creating excitement around an area you want to improve on really does put butterflies in your stomach.  It’s kind of like falling in love with someone new but you don’t have to wait for that to happen (and you won’t want to if you are in a happy relationship!).  Fall in love instead with yourself and your exciting ‘new’ plans.

If you have some self-improvements things in the back of your mind that you’ve tried and failed at before, dig one out and think of all the exciting ways (write them down!) you could achieve that and how you are going to feel afterwards (amazing, obviously).

One thing that always inspires me to make positive changes in my life is my love affair with Paris and France, and any little reminder always helps me remember my initial excitement around the world of French Chic and how I want to be the chicest and best version of myself.

Reading through Michelle’s Italiagal blog recently took me right back to my Paris trip (too long ago – thirteen years!) and made me fall for Paris all over again, and remember that bubbly feeling you get when you’ve stumbled onto something new and wonderful.

‘Motivation is like food for the brain. You cannot get enough in one sitting. It needs continual and regular top ups.’ – Peter Davies

To keep a lamp burning we have to keep putting oil in it’ – Mother Teresa

What lifestyle change would you like to reframe in an exciting way to make yourself want to do it?


  1. I like the idea of giving my life 5 star reviews and motivating myself to do more chic things, like eating healthier and incorporating gentle exercise into my day. Lovely post, Fiona!

  2. I try to remember how much better I feel when I exercise regularly, also how much nicer my clothes look. Time doing Pilates makes me focus on my breathing, which is almost meditative. Time out jogging lets my mind run free as well and I day dream and plan things I'd like to do. When I keep those other things in mind I stick to my exercise better.

    As to excitement, my problem tends to be that I get excited about a whole lot of things, for a short time. I'm terrible for flitting from one to another and not finishing things. I need to remember the deep satisfaction of finish a project before I start anything else.

  3. I love this wonderful perspective! I've recently fallen behind on keeping up with my household chores--looking forward to finding an exciting way to incorporate that daily maintenance back into my routine. I love the relaxing feeling that follows a good pottering session.

  4. Excitement lifts us up and makes us glow! So does walking! Like you, I have been working to create my ideal wardrobe so that each time I leave my home, I feel great! It takes energy to be my Paris self when I am at home!

  5. This post will motivate me to get moving again. I am recovering from a collapsed lung but the doctor said I could walk as much as I wish. I am also making my own Thirty Days of Chic book by cutting and pasting your text. Chic Habits will be added to the book. This book will be for my own enjoyment, encouragement and accountability. I may even add my own notes to each page. Thanks for a fabulous and favorite blog!

  6. What a great post Fiona and so true. Love the quotes! When I go for a walk (and need to motivate myself to do it often because I don't always feel like it) I take my camera and remind myself to be in the moment. Just this moment. Here. Now. It is not something that comes easily to a planner like me, but something that is wise to do. And my photos then bring me double pleasure after the fact. Also, to motivate me to walk we purposely chose an apartment in a neighborhood where there is beauty and nature and it really does make a difference if you have enjoyable surroundings to see when you walk. I loved your idea of reading 5* reviews to create a 5* life too. So smart! Have fun!

  7. Such an important idea and it can change how you feel about everything, even those things you dreaded before, like you said. It comes down to challenging your old thoughts about it and giving it a different story. It's fun!

  8. It's funny you say this and mention exercise because that's exactly what happened to me this week. Normally I enjoy exercise but in these short dark days I find it a bit harder, walking up a hill this morning motivated me because my legs felt stronger after exercising more this week. You're right, it's all about excitement.

  9. Yes I too get extremely excited and motivated to start many projects all at once then become overwhelmed and complete none. This year though I will finally get to a yoga class!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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