Thursday, September 29, 2011

29th Day in a Chic September

For the month of September I plan to document daily steps I have taken towards a chic, elegant and healthy life. My goal is to keep uppermost in my mind the kind of life I want to live. I will be focusing on all the small things I do each day that lead me towards my goal, rather than away from it.

Here are today’s mini-chic accomplishments:

Had a fabulous lunch. Usually my daily salad is pretty perfunctory, just plain and refreshing. At its bare minimum it is lettuce, carrot, celery, washed, no dressing. That is as an accompaniment to my actual lunch.

Today though, today, was something else. I had rocket, carrot, celery and diced avocado mixed in with a small can of Thai sweet chilli flavoured salmon. Still very simple, but a great last minute lunch since I had the can of salmon in the cupboard at work and all veges other than rocket in the fridge (which I picked up walking back to work from yoga). And even though I didn't have any bread with lunch, I wasn't hungry until after work (6.30ish).

I had planned to have leftover chicken and coconut rice from last night with aforementioned perfunctory salad. But since I left it in the fridge at home I had to change my plans.

So, tomorrow’s lunch, let me think, perhaps chicken and coconut rice with perfunctory salad? If I remember to bring it to work that is. I might have to utilise the keys in the fridge trick.


And my hair behaved itself today. Hoorah for the day after a professional blow-wave.


Listed four items to sell online. Two I have labelled as ‘charity auctions’ and will be donating the money to Jessica’s cat rescue centre. Sent yet another carload to the Salvation Army.

The more I let go from my life the happier and freer I feel. These are items I did not use and were just storing. Items that when I looked at them I felt stuck. Goodbye to those things and may someone else get good use from them!


If you feel like you want to make September a chic month for you as well, please join me. You are welcome to share your mini-chic accomplishments for the day (or the previous day if you read in the morning) in the comments section. It would be lovely to have you along for the ride!

Image: Nineteenth Century Engraving of Notre Dame


  1. Salad for lunch is a summer staple for me (I tend to have soup in winter)and right now summer has made a comeback here, so it's easy . Either with chicken or tuna, occasionally with some humous on the side. You just reminded me that I need to list some things online for sale, I really need to de-clutter :-) Hope your week is good, Love from London xo

  2. What is rocket? I haven't heard of that as a salad ingredient here in Kansas City, Missouri.

    I very much enjoy your blog. Your days and thoughts are inspiring.

  3. Mademoiselle Poirot, I saw it is warm in London this week. There's nothing like a little sunshine to make us happy.

    KJM, rocket is otherwise known as arugula. It has a distinctive peppery taste and is so delicious. Baby rocket is nicer than big leaves.

  4. I really love your chic month project, and I find it so inspiring to read! I've realized that I'll probably never be particularly chic, but that doesn't mean that I can't incorporate a few chic habits into my daily life:) Have a wonderful weekend!

  5. Nanne, thank you. To me, chic is a state of mind as much as it is the more superficial things like clothing and makeup. Happy weekend to you!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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