Wednesday, September 21, 2011

21st Day in a Chic September

For the month of September I plan to document daily steps I have taken towards a chic, elegant and healthy life. My goal is to keep uppermost in my mind the kind of life I want to live. I will be focusing on all the small things I do each day that lead me towards my goal, rather than away from it.

Here are today’s mini-chic accomplishments:

Made a batch of my best soup ever. It was Mexican-influenced today, with Mexican seasonings and chilli beans added to the basic recipe. This batch made today’s bowl and five portions for lunches at work. I added a salad for lunch today and it was perfect. Real food! Can’t beat it!


Did a home facial (the bare basics – exfoliation and mask) before bed. I like to do this once a week on a night before I am going to wash my hair the next morning, then I can really paint the mask right into my hair line.


Read through from day one the chic September posts and comments. I was reminded of some things I want to continue with and also ideas from readers I want to implement.


Had a day at home that was the perfect ratio of relaxing and chores. I did my jobs, and a little work from home, and pottered. Just perfect.


Stoked up the slowcooker with lamb shanks for dinner (my Mum unkindly calls them dog bones). I love meals where everything is done ahead of time so I don’t have to start hauling out pots and pans at 7pm.


Read this quote:

One of the main reasons we gossip or complain is to make ourselves look better by comparison... When I point out your faults, then I’m implying that I have no such faults so I’m better than you are. Complaining is bragging. And nobody likes a braggart. Here’s another bit of sobering news: You wouldn’t notice the faults in the other person if they were not also in you’.
- Will Bowen, a Complaint Free World

I’ve been aware of being more positive and complaining less, but of course it’s an ongoing thing. Often I will moan or judge without even being aware of it. It’s worth the effort though.

Something else I read the other day said ‘holding a grudge is like drinking poison yourself and expecting it to kill the other person’ (or something like that). And I’m sure it’s true. The main person that negative thinking affects is us! So that is my focus right now.


Organised myself for tomorrow. Stacked up library books to return, put items to take with me in my bag. Whenever I don’t do this I run around like a mad thing in the morning after the time we’re supposed to have left by and getting snippy with my husband because I wasn’t organised. Not chic.


If you feel like you want to make September a chic month for you as well, please join me. You are welcome to share your mini-chic accomplishments for the day (or the previous day if you read in the morning) in the comments section. It would be lovely to have you along for the ride!


  1. I really like that quote about gossip and complaining! I may borrow it and post it on my Facebook if that's fine with you! I need reminders like that all the time, I think that living a life without complaint or gossip would be such a wonderful thing! Hope you continue having a chic day.:)

  2. Great post! You had a fantastic it all. Do you know how many times I have made the "best soup ever" since you first posted it? At least six. We love it too. xxBliss

  3. Oooh, what great quotes...I have heard the one about grudges before, but the gossip one is perfect. I read recently that people spend 80 percent of their time gossiping. Shocking! As to your soup, it sure is wonderful to make a big pot (or a stew or ragout) and eat in through the week. I love doing that!

  4. Colleen, you certainly may. I think it's a worthy (in a non-boring way) and attainable thing to aim for. I'm certainly going to try anyway.

    Bliss, yay! Glad you love the soup.

    Gretchen, 80%! That really is shocking. I often make a double batch of dinners like that. It's so lovely to have a 'free' and already prepared meal to heat up on busy days.

  5. Dear Fiona
    Congrats on another chic day!
    Those quotes on complaining and holding grudges are absolutely superb in my opinion.. soo much truth.
    I may have to repost them myself if that's okay :)
    as always I am enjoying following your chic journey.

  6. Hi Lenna, of course you may my dear! You are sweet to ask.

  7. What a true quote about holding a grudge.

    The past few nights I've been following your tip about washing my face earlier than just before I go to bed. I'm one of those bad girls who sometimes (almost all the time) never washes my face before bed (yes my bad), so this has been a little victory for me!

  8. Made pasta w/ vegetables for dinner! Not very hard...but I'm pretty hopeless in the kitchen...and I'm proud of myself for not immediately tucking into frozen food after getting back from the gym...and patiently...ok...not so patiently...waiting for the water to boil and pasta to cook.

    And, as always, it's LOVELY to be have something to read on your blog everyday! I need to quit the complaining as is so easy to forget how good you have it. ;)

  9. LR, your face will thank you!

    Ani, dinner is a big step, and one in a chic direction. Maybe production line meals would work for you and be less hassle at the end of the day. At one stage I would make four work lunches at once, to do me most of the week - cook the pasta, divide into four Tupperwares, divide a can of pasta sauce between the four containers and top with mozzarella. You could simply reheat one and add vegetables. Thank you for your kind words!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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