Saturday, September 17, 2011

17th Day in a Chic September

For the month of September I plan to document daily steps I have taken towards a chic, elegant and healthy life. My goal is to keep uppermost in my mind the kind of life I want to live. I will be focusing on all the small things I do each day that lead me towards my goal, rather than away from it.

Here are today’s mini-chic accomplishments:

Had fresh fruit for breakfast. So refreshing.


Listened to relaxing spa music while I got ready for the day. It really lowers the blood pressure.


Got up at the same time as during the week (6am) even though we leave for work later. I had plenty of time to do all my morning preparations as well as read at breakfast and take time doing my hair.


Ironed a shirt to wear to work. That's twice in one week!


Thought how incredibly lucky I am to have the life I do. Yes, I’m very happy to be moving into our own place and that's part of why I'm excited at the moment, but driving through some pretty hard-case areas on Thursday doing my charity drop-offs really affected me.

From the dog I saw lying patiently in a front yard with a two metre long chain hanging from its collar to the very humble homes in the street where I visited the cat shelter. Well, I felt out of sorts all day and the next too (even now).

The area where we live isn’t flash by any means but it was a million miles away from the suburbs I had driven through. The woman who runs the cat shelter works unpaid looking after 80-100 homeless cats all week and works nights as a caregiver to pay her mortgage. She’s a true angel.

I keep thinking to myself how can I do more with the time and resources I have available.


If you feel like you want to make September a chic month for you as well, please join me. You are welcome to share your mini-chic accomplishments for the day (or the previous day if you read in the morning) in the comments section. It would be lovely to have you along for the ride!


  1. Of all the blogs on elegance that I read, I appreciate your concern with people less fortunate. Reaching out of your own comfort and convenience to see how you can help others who don't have much is really, truly beautiful.

  2. Gratitude always brings me back down to earth. You have it in abundance.

  3. It's a real eye opener to see how some folks struggle to keep a roof over their head.
    I appreciate how much seeing these scenes affects you. It stays with me for a long time too.

    How soothing spa music would would be nice to hear some right now.

  4. Good for you for your charity work. It's always good to remember the ways in which we are blessed.

    I've been listening to the classical music station in my car on the drive to work in the mornings, which helps me to arrive in a less-frazzled state.

  5. Thanks Fiona, as always, for the reminder, that taking care of yourself is part of being chic, of course, but I think that the women we've all grown to admire (you being one of them!) we wouldn't have admired had that been there only focus.

    By the way, have you read Eat, Pray, Love? There's this character/actually real-life Brazilian woman in it that is just HILARIOUS. The excerpt is only 3 short it is if anyone's curious. ;)

  6. Fiona,

    I really enjoy your blog. You have inspired me to do some fall wardrobe de-cluttering! There is nothing better than a good round of de-cluttering and giving it away. It is a win for everyone.

    Your words about the struggles of others just to keep their heads above water is really thought provoking. V. inspirational posts!


  7. Fiona,

    You have such a beautiful heart.

  8. Belinda, I know life would be easier and more comfortable if I simply dropped everything off at the one op shop (in a nice part of town) but I care about where stuff ends up and who could use it the most. I sometimes wish I wasn't so feeling. I especially thought that when I was freaking out thinking I was lost in a very dodgy neighbourhood and wondered if I would be robbed or worse if the car inexplicably broke down!

    Stephanie, so true, thinking of all the good things in our life humbles us.

    Hostess, I think you are quite sensitive like me.

    Deja pseu, I sometimes listen to a classical station too. It's so calming in traffic!

    Ani, I read that excerpt. It's fabulous! Thank you for sharing.

    Amanda, thank you. I have thought that I could sell stuff online to make some money. But I'd rather give it to stores that can sell them to make money for their cause. And the purchaser gets a bargain. Like you say, win win!

    Julia, merci!

  9. Thank you for your heart for the less fortunate - human and animal. Sometimes we get so insulated we don't realize the sad conditions in the world. We all need to learn to share our resources.

  10. I so appreciate when people can say they are grateful for what they have. If we can't be grateful for it, where is the benefit in having it? I'm really bored with folks who whinge all the time, so thanks for being so positive!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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