Sunday, August 13, 2023

Thoughts on Hawaii

Watching the unfolding situation on Maui in Hawaii brings back so many unwelcome memories of the Cyclone Gabrielle flooding that devastated where I live in Hawke’s Bay. Our six-month anniversary is tomorrow.

Like Maui, Hawke’s Bay suffered loss of life, homes were lost, there was virtually no warning, alarms were not sounded until after the event, and cell coverage failed for days so no-one had any way to find out what was happening or if others were okay (our road was cut off by flood waters so we could not go anywhere for four days).

Our neighbours who lost their home and cats, and stayed with us for three weeks after the cyclone are now living at a home in town. They have had to start their life over in their seventies and I know it has not been easy for them, and there are many other sad stories of families displaced and still trying to deal with insurance companies six months later.

Our neighbours old home has now been bulldozed and the place where they once had an idyllic spot and a beautifully tended garden is now a muddy mess from heavy machinery and piles of rubbish.

Maui will sadly have a similar hill to climb and right now it is early days where they are still finding bodies. It really is too awful to contemplate.

I received some criticism for posting my Hawaii photos, and even going to Hawaii at all. If I offended you with either of these things, all I can do is apologise. It was not my intention.

I strive to be a kind and feeling person, and to do my best in any situation. Maybe I did not word things correctly this time.

Big hugs,


  1. Hugs to you, Fiona! Of course you didn’t mean to offend anyone or make light of tragedy, nor did your post appear that way. Some people are just looking for things to criticize, and you can’t let that get to you.

  2. John Lydgate said if best: “You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time”. You be yourself and don’t even concern yourself with petty people, because that’s what they are. You keep spreading love, joy and happiness. 💕💕 Nan

    1. Yes! THIS. Fiona, Please don't ever let anyone dim your sparkle! No need to censor yourself. You be YOU!

  3. Oh, my dear Fiona. We know your heart. Your kindness and sensitivity always shine through. I found the photos you posted actually served to show the depth of your connection with Hawaii, and thus the depth of your compassion. If anyone knows what disaster victims go through, it is you. Please trust that your intuition has always served you well. Sending many blessings your way. Denise

  4. Your comments were not offensive. In fact, it was a very nice post. Some people just enjoy making others feel as miserable as they are. My son was in the big island during the fires, and had to arrange an evacuation for a friend with a baby who was vacationing in Maui close to the fires. We all feel sad about what has happened to such beautiful people, and that feeling came through in your post. You are a very kind and classy lady.

  5. Dear Fiona, My heart goes out to you. You have done nothing wrong. As per usual you were injecting lovelieness into the world. I often wonder what sour minded people did before the invention of the internet. Wish I could give you a hug. Cheers, Marguerite

  6. Dear Fiona, I cannot believe you were criticised for your original post. I have followed you for years and never have you said anything controversial or hurtful. You are the kindest, nicest person I have ever followed and I love your posts, you are so optimistic and encouraging .
    Don’t take any notice just keep on being you.🌹💕lots of love and a big hug. Carol in Qld

  7. Hello Fiona! Nothing in your post was remotely offensive in my opinion. People are looking for something to blame and to attack you/your personal blog is unfair. If people took a few moments to read about who are they would quickly realize you are a very kind compassionate person. Don't let it get you down. By the way your new hair color looks gorgeous :)

  8. I’m a longtime leader of both your blog and your books. While I was surprised to see your post about vacationing in Hawaii, I realized the magnitude of the devastation on Maui was just being known as you were leaving and posting. People forget about time zones and travel time between Hawaii and other destinations. So while it surprised me I never thought that you might be insensitive to what was going on. And you have had a huge effect on my life and happiness as I headed into retirement. One of the exercises in your books had me write out a vision of what I wanted to do post-retirement. Thanks to that exercise, I was able to move forward confidently and I’m now living the life I envisioned. So I sent both my thanks, and my support as I know you would never being sensitive to what is going on out in the greater world around us.

  9. Oh, and how could anyone be offended that you went to Hawaii on a conference with your husband, which was planned well before the wildfires occurred. There will always be people who find reasons to criticize. And it’s up to us to find the Highground to ignore them. Hugs to you


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