Thursday, August 3, 2023

The final part - Serene Spa July

 ✨ Serene Spa July ✨

Hello everyone!
Welcome to the final week in the Serene Spa July series, where we infuse our daily life with a relaxed feeling reminiscent of being pampered at a high-end spa. Feel the peace :)

And I hope you enjoy these final tips!

Day 21. Take time to dream

What is that aspirational life you always imagined yourself living? And how does it compare to how you live today? I always imagined a luxurious life lived artfully and with an elegant personal style. What about you? Were you going to be sporty and outgoing? Work in floral display or the art world?

Whatever your long-ago dreams were, see how you can infuse little details into your daily life today. Bring your dreams back to life.

It will feel so good to remember yourself, and give her air. She will take you by the hand and lead you forward, introducing petite tweaks to elevate your days.

As you figuratively lie back wrapped in warm, fluffy white towels while the lovely beauty therapist massages your face and neck, consider your desires. Write them down and act on them in any way you can. Mine don’t cost a lot of money, but they do cost intention, effort, and disregarding what others might think of me.

But it’s worth it, don’t you think? To truly live as you have always imagined?


Day 22: Decrease your to-do list

You will notice I have not posted every single day during Serene Spa July. That was the initial (spontaneous 😊) plan, but some days went by so fast and I had a lot on. So I gave myself a pass and posted 5-6 days a week. And that’s okay with me.

You may feel the same with everything you do in your life. No-one is a superwoman no matter how charmed and easy their life may seem from the outside. We all deal with our own life situations, and also our mental health too.

Mostly I am an upbeat person, but I do have my days where it is impossible to get traction. Thankfully they are not too frequent, but I do have to constantly monitor myself and also be kind to myself. I don’t know if it’s common, or, as I suspect, something to do with being an introvert or part of the creative mind. But I do know that I can easily become burnt out if I don’t sometimes let things be imperfect.

And that’s why I invite you too, to not be bogged down by your to-do list. It really is so important to do what you do, and not feel bad if you’re not perfect.


Day 23. Slow everything down
In the final day of Serene Spa July, I invite you to slow everything down. And I mean everything. Slow down how you move, how you think, how you walk, how you talk. Even if it seems almost painful to go so slow, do it. Try it even for one day, put up a sticky note in front of your computer screen or wherever you will see it most.

Slowing down enables you to have space to think, process, and be present. And more than this, it feels amazing. Let your body relax, soften, and be at peace. You will still get just as much done; it’s quite incredible!

If you don’t believe me, try it 😊 You might forget, that’s okay, just get back into slow when you remember. I’ve been doing it today and it feels so good. Like a massage for your insides.

If you’re someone who always feels in a rush and like you’re behind, you are in for a treat.

Let me know how you get on 😊
The doggies put on the saddest faces when I leave them at home 😊 Then, when I arrive back an hour later it's like I've been gone for months. There is no better way to feel like a celebrity than to have a fan-worthy welcome home!

And there we have it. I have to say, I am enjoying Serene Spa July being over!! It was enjoyable, but the pressure was on. And I didn't even post every day!

But it's amazing what you can do when you have committed to something. At least I finished it out 😊

August is all about resetting and regrouping, and I really want to release something new as well. I have a book I have already been working on, but as I progressed through Serene Spa July I thought what a great second book in the '30 Chic Days at Home' series (the first book was written during the early days of the pandemic).

So that's what I am going to work on next! I will polish it up expand it to be slightly longer chapters plus increase up to thirty days. Such fun. I love getting new ideas for books and the best part is that I never know where the ideas are going to come from, lol.

A lovely reader suggested that we could transition into 'Go Slow August' and I think that's a wonderful idea. You will see in Serene Spa July on the final day I encourage you to slow everything right down. Find ease in your day. Doesn't that sound wonderful?

And the best thing about that is you will get everything done still. I did not heed this advice yesterday afternoon and I had a wretched few hours where I knew I had a lot to do but didn't know what to start with.

Whyyyyy, Fiona? Why do you do this to yourself 😂

So I stepped back and started again. ‘Amazingly’, I felt much calmer afterwards. Of course I did 😊 It really is a decision we make, whether to be stressed or not most of the time. I know there are true issues sometimes, and we must deal with those, but for me I find that the stress is all in my mind... And I can change that.

So I wish you a wonderful day in the fabulousness that is your life. Go slow, be calm, and enjoy :)

xx Fiona

'How to be Chic in the Summer' is available at my Amazon affiliate link in paperback and on Kindle.

And the eBook is in my eStore too, for an Amazon alternative 😊

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