Thursday, August 24, 2023

Paris Dreaming

Paul and I went to the best concert on Saturday night - an Edith Piaf tribute with jazz band and dancers too. Singer Mandy Meadows is local, but I first saw her in a YouTube video filmed at a jazz club in Soho, London.

She did Edith's songs proud, and it was a real show, with a history lesson woven in as well. It was also nice to see almost a full house.

What a lovely night out!

You can see the London show below on YouTube. If you are a French music fan it's fab! And if you get a chance to see it live it's even better.

Thank you Mandy for an amazing evening.

I bought myself a treat at the Honolulu airport Starbucks, a special Waikiki mug for my morning tea. The inside is the cheeriest orange you could imagine. It makes me happy just looking at it 🧡🧡🧡


It's lightening up in the morning now that we are getting closer to the end of winter. And even though I am a person who really appreciates rain and cozy weather, I am quite ready for spring and summer! Perhaps because we missed summer last year...

I know those of you in the northern hemisphere will be looking forward to cooler weather, and gosh, poor California and northwards with tropical storm Hilary. My thoughts are with you.

The weather world seems to be a crazy place at the moment, no?

And in other news, I am busy writing my next book. I took a little break to recharge but am now about half-way through this latest book, with a couple more started. So hopefully I will have a few out in quick succession. Who can tell. Certainly not me!

I wish you a brilliant rest of the week. And please let me know if you have any fun weekend plans.

My fun plans are staying at home and writing, and I'm also doing a little bit of sewing.

I am shortening my wide-leg linen pants (two pairs) to be on the ankle bone rather than really long. That way I can wear them with heels or flats, and not just heels. Plus I think they can be casual or dressy too, being slightly shorter.

And, there are just a few more days left for my book sale.

The Kindle copy of 'Thirty Chic Days Vol. 3: Nurturing a happy relationship, staying youthful, being your best self, and having a ton of fun at the same time' has 70% off, and the print copy is much reduced as well.

Both paperback and Kindle versions are here at my Amazon affiliate link.

And if you prefer an Amazon alternative, you can order the eBook here from my eStore.

Happy reading!

xx Fiona

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  1. I enjoyed the YouTube video. Miss Mandy is very funny and has a beautiful voice (and hair!). I always enjoy your posts because they uplift me, starting my day off just right. Would have loved a pic before and after of your slacks!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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