Saturday, August 12, 2023

A little Hawaiian holiday...

Hi everyone!
A few days ago we returned from a wonderful five-night Hawaiian trip. It was a work conference trip for my husband Paul and amazingly enough I got to tag along!

It was so lovely to stroll in the balmy, breezy heat, do a 'little' shopping, and eat delicious food. And swim in the sea most days too. What a treat in the middle of a cold New Zealand winter.

The day before we left I heard on the news about people being evacuated from Maui due to wildfires and now sadly it has become a devastating and fatal situation. I am so sad for the people of Maui and the beautiful country of Hawaii.

One night I was talking to a colleague of Paul's and he said how his favourite spot was Lahaina and that Front St was fabulous. He said Mick Fleetwood played at his restaurant when he was there last. Of course now the restaurant and the whole historic area is gone. So, so sad, and my heart goes out to the locals. It is all very sobering.

We actually had eventful flights both ways. On our flight there we were about an hour in the air and the captain made an announcement to ask if there was a doctor on board - just like in the movies! It turned out an elderly lady had a stroke, so the plane turned back and we returned to New Zealand. It was a fast and furious ride and they had to dump fuel to land. After a quick turnaround we were back on our way - and the lady was okay!

Then, coming home, we had to take fly 'around' Hurricane Dora. I haven't travelled a ton, but this trip had drama in spades, and every day was full too.

It's so lovely to be back home with our doggies and Ninacat. My mum looked after the dogs - thank you Jo!! What a superstar - and we had a lovely housesitter stay with Nina.

And now, I get to find space for my lovely new clothes that I bought. I found some nice Ralph Lauren things at Macys, topped up on my Bath & Body Works, bought a few items at the Coach outlet, and some at-home casual gear at Gap and American Outfitters too.

It was a fun time! And now back to writing my next book 😍 I took a fresh journal with me and didn't write a single word in it, lol. There wasn't time!
On our flight to Auckland I got this pretty shot at sunset

And the day before we left I had my hair done - highlights and an ash/pearl shade of toner. I visited my mum afterwards and asked her to take a photo of my new hair. Of course her dog Milly had to photobomb me! She literally made a beeline as soon as the camera came out. Little Diva!

Love to you, and of course, Maui 💔
See you next week.
xx Fiona


  1. Love all your outfits. You look beautiful in them. Very sad about Maui. Thank you for sharing.

  2. I enjoyed seeing your pictures of Honolulu. You looked lovely in all of your pretty sundresses. Yes, the situation on Maui is so tragic and unbelievable. (btw, Hawaii is actually one of the 50 states in the United States.)

  3. Well phooey. It won’t let ne put my name and URL. So this is Nan and I am posting anonymously. I just want you to know that you look beautiful and I am so glad that you got to go to Hawaii with Paul and had a wonderful time! I’m glad you posted pictures. Many 💕 to you and yours!

  4. Dear Fiona, I just read your second post on Your trip to Hawaii and I couldn’t find anywhere to comment, so I came back to this post. I cannot believe that you were criticised for your original post, I have followed you for years and never have you said anything controversial or hurtful, you are the kindest nicest person I have ever followed and I love your posts, you are so optimistic, encouraging and kind, don’t take any notice just keep on being you! ❤️Lots of love and a big hug Carol in Qld


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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