Friday, May 26, 2023

What I wore to lunch, fresh herbs, and more naughty doggies!

Lunch out with my darling this past week :)

Hello chic friends!
I was given a fancy bottle of gin as a gift from a friend recently, and the tin it came in is a plastic lined planter box to ‘grow your own garnish’. So cute!

I like having herbs to hand as well as outside, so I started with parsley and went out to find three others for a lush and useful display.

I shouted myself some new herb plants and thought I needed four in total to fill my new little planter tin. But... it only fits three. So now I have an extra just sittin’ out there to the side.

I suppose I’ll have to plant one in the garden straight away! #firstworldproblem

For my new herbs I chose chives, rosemary and coriander (cilantro), and I already had curly parsley. Basil was out of stock sadly.

And the greenery looks so pretty on my countertop too!
What happens to a nicely made bed when you have a Daphne dog in the house...

I have a little heater under my writing desk to keep my ankles warm in the autumn and winter.

Sometimes it feels like it’s been switched off, except I know it hasn’t. When I look to see what has happened, 100% of the time it’s because a small dog has shifted - from their plush bed - in front of the heater to soak up some of the goodness for themselves.

They’re not silly. Really, it’s like the sun disappearing behind a cloud.

Here Chloe dog is having a snack and enjoying a warm glow at my expense. She said life can’t get much better at times like this :)
And in other news, Amazon advised me this week that printing costs are going up - like everything it seems! The price increase will happen next month, on the 20th of June. I thought it was nice of them to give me advance notice, so I'm passing it on to you!

If there are any paperbacks you've been meaning to order, perhaps do so before the price rise. I'm not sure how much the increase will be, they didn't say, and it will certainly vary per book due to their differing sizes.

I know many of you prefer print copies to read and I get it. Even though I love my Kindle, there really is something about a book you can hold, open to a certain page, and pick up easily. The covers are more appealing too than on a screen. In fact, I’ve been reading more paper books lately and my Kindle is feeling a little left out – poor neglected Kindle!

You can see all my books here at my Amazon affiliate link, where each title is available on Kindle or in paperback:

Happy reading if you decide to order yourself some paperbacks, and I wish you a wonderful weekend! It's a pristine autumn day here, just beautiful. Chilly, but beautiful :)
xx Fiona



PS. My Amazon links are affiliate, which means I may earn a small commission when you order something, at no extra cost to you. I appreciate it if you choose to use my links :) Thank you!


  1. It would have helped if I had hit publish 🙄!

    I love your view. I love your herbs and the container. It really makes me want to go out and get some herbs again. I think I just will. I think my all-time favorite picture is knowing that that Daphne mussed up your covers so that she could get comfy!! Precious.

    1. Daphne is a little snow plough when it comes to bedding and quilts!

      What I love about herbs is that they can be replaced at low cost when necessary, and give green good looks plus tasty meal flavours (and unique nutrients too). So many wins!

    2. (Fiona commenting as anonymous ☺️)

    3. This is Nan! Thar is so true about herbs. I used to have a patch of lemongrass on my patio just for the smell. I never did anything with it but enjoy the scent! Nan


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