Friday, May 5, 2023

New Book out! 100 Ways to be That Girl :)

Hello chic friends,

I am excited to let you know about my newest book that has just been published!

100 Ways to be That Girl is all about standing out from the crowd and harnessing the power of how ‘she’ would be, to instantly:

- Become unforgettable
- Feel happier and more confident
- Stop worrying about what others think of you
- Power ahead in your own life
- Feel unshakeable

That girl is who everyone wants to be. She has it all going on! Others wonder how she does it so well. In this book I’ll share all her secrets.

That girl is our alter ego, the one who has more fun, makes more money, and is better looking. Just for fun, let’s cultivate our that girl persona and see how fabulous life can get.

Age or body size are no barrier to creating our dream life, with the help of our inner that girl. We are going to be that girl in our own life, the leading lady in our own movie!

It was so fun to write this book. I got to be a little over the top, but as usual with my writing, it is also grounded in reality. It always pays to have the best of both worlds I believe!

You can find it on Kindle and in paperback here at my affiliate Amazon link.

And for an Amazon alternative, the eBook is available in my eStore here.

I do hope you enjoy this book, and that it gives you a fun little boost for the weekend!

Happy reading!

xx Fiona

My Amazon links are affiliate, which means that I may receive a small commission on anything you purchase through my link. The price you pay isn't any different, so thank you if you choose to use my links :)


  1. I just know I am going to enjoy this book! I already bought my copy and will be starting it this evening. I look forward to revamping my inner “that girl”! You have already helped me recoup feminine again. I lost track of her these last two years! I almost *horrors* let myself go. It’s like I just didn’t care. Now I don’t want to just exist, I want to live! Hugs to you!!

  2. Just added this edition to my curated library of all your books. Could a book title be any more compelling?! I am intrigued. Looking forward to further cultivating my That Girl aura. Thank you, Fiona, for your ongoing inspiration!

  3. Funnily enough, I just started a Pinterest Board on how to be "That Girl". There were a couple of girl's at my school in the 6th form that definately had it. One always had the most beautiful red nails, she must have redone them every few days. Her name was Adele and I think one of her parents was French - all makes sense now. The other girl was tall and slim, with a mousey brown bob and oh so stylish. One day she came in wearing a soft fitted denim shirt, with the sleeves softly rolled up just so. So simple, so relaxed and chic. The most stylish person I have ever met. I have met lots of women who dressed nicely, but it was the casualness that had the edge.
    Living in the UK I have been to France a few times and three women stood out that you may like to hear about.
    1. In Paris, i passed a cafe where a very chic young lady, in a simple grey dress was enjoying coffee. It looked like a dress you would wear in an office. Her hair was beautifully styled in an updo. Think perfectly dressed like the Princess of Wales.
    2. My favourite - walking along the promenade in Biarritz. A tall elderly lady with her hair up in a bun on the top of her head. She had the aura of having been a ballerina in her younger days. She had a soft peachy/pink long chiffon floaty dress, high heels and had two adorable small white poodles on leads. Only in France would you see that.
    3. A young woman in a Park in Paris, tall, slim dark hair piled on top in a bun, a form fitting black dress and high black heels, but the killer piece was the dress had a huge dramatic artistic black bow one side of the neckline. She definately had the aura of knowing she was "that girl"


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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