Thursday, May 11, 2023

Luxury living on a budget + watch my latest interview!

In the club lounge at the Cordis Hotel in Auckland

One of my favourite budget-friendly things to do is stay the night in a fancy hotel. But hear me out!

I know it's not 'free' or even super-cheap, but it feels soooo good and so high-vibe to do this, and for me it replaces a proper vacation so it really is a saving :)

I get to dress up, mingle in lovely public areas, and generally live a fabulous city life for 24 hours.

We used to do this several times a year when we had our retail store in Auckland and didn't have time to go on holiday.

These days now that we don't live in Auckland we don't go nearly as often, but it's still nice to do every once in a while.

Are you a staycation kind of person? Are you happy to stay in a hotel in your own town?

The great thing about doing this is that you can stalk their website for special offers since you can stay any time.

Or if you don't do this, let me know your favourite way to feel 'rich' and luxurious without spending a ton.
My brother gifted me this birds art print and I was excited to rejig one of my gallery walls with it. It adds a touch of modern/sexy/wow-factor to my 'Ralph Lauren on a Budget' home style. So happy with how it turned out!

And I am thrilled to share with you an interview I did last week with the delightful Cathy Anderson.

Cathy has started a new podcast called 'Mortgage-Free Diaries' and I was her first guest. I felt honoured!

We talk about all things money including the ways in which my husband and I paid off our mortgage quickly - in just 4.5 years.

This video is not financial advice, it's just how I look at money and how I made it fun for myself to put money onto our home loan rather than spend it.

I do hope you are inspired by this video, because I believe being debt-free is one of the biggest gifts we can give ourselves. As one of my financial mentors said, whom I mention in the video, 'When don't have debt you have more options.'

You can watch it above, or on YouTube here.

And to listen to the audio only (plus download the audio file if you want) on SoundCloud here.

I hope you enjoy the show, and thanks so much Cathy for having me on!

xx Fiona

PS. If you haven't seen my latest book yet it is here at my affiliate link on Amazon, available in paperback and on Kindle!


PS. Cathy has a great Instagram account here. I love her tips and ideas towards being financially savvy. And she has a website too.

PPS. The two books mentioned by Cathy from our interview are these (click on the images to see them on Amazon, also available on Kindle and in paperback):



(My Amazon links are affiliate, which means that I may receive a small commission on anything you purchase through my link. The price you pay isn't any different, so thank you if you choose to use my links :)

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