Thursday, May 4, 2023

The healthy, happy homebody

Don't you think they look like proper bought ones? So fancy.

Hello chic friends,
I made my own bistro boxes this week! I’ve been wanting to do it for ages and finally gave in and bought myself a set of containers. It was only $10 for 8 from Kmart but I didn’t want to add more plastic to my life on a whim.

But I’m glad I bought them and know I will keep and use them for a long time.

I made four for the week and it’s so nice to get one out for lunch. I added hummus and rice crackers separately before dining. It felt like lots of food because of all the variety and took me ages to eat too.

Would recommend if you take your lunch to work, or work from home and can’t get excited about making a healthy lunch when you are already hungry :)

You can see that I have always been a homebody in this #throwback photo. My dad will have built the playhouse for us. I'm wondering if that is my foot out the bottom? Or if it had a floor? Mum will know :)

Daphne dog is much better too. Our vet lives up the road and is such a star. My husband Paul and I were walking the doggies on the weekend, and it was the first day I'd let Daphne join us. I felt she was up to it and wouldn't damage her stitches.

So at the same time along drives our vet and he pulled over to see how Daphne was. He decided her dressing could come off but then thought that it would be better recovered, so opened up his truck right there and then on the side of the road and redressed her leg for her.

He is officially an equine vet so only had horse-sized bandages on board. He made it work though!

Isn't that the kindest and most amazing service? So Daphne left home with an old bandage and came home with a bright shiny new one and a vet-check too.

She could have had an Elizabethan collar instead of a bandage but he thought she probably couldn't keep it on, as she is a distinctive shape... Her head is quite small, she has a thick neck and an even thicker body...

So another bandage it was! But I'm taking her to get her stitches out today. She will be soooo happy to have them gone. And thrilled to get an exclusive car ride too. I will leave the other two doggies at home. They'll be grumpy about that.


With all our rainy weather lately, I feel like we earned this double rainbow, and it even came out on camera. Hopefully it signifies better times ahead for everyone!

It’s Thursday here, almost the weekend. Time to kick your heels up! Although my preferred way to do this is at home in the peace and quiet. And I might even sneak in some coronation viewing too.

However you celebrate the weekend I hope it’s a good one!
xx Fiona
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  1. Fiona, I am delighted to see, and am inspired by, your bistro boxes.
    So chic.They are a must-try. Enjoy the Coronation!

  2. So glad Daphne is on the mend.
    Your food looks beautiful and healthy. Very inspiring.
    Wish we still had K Mart here in the US.
    Thank you for sharing your chic tips with us.

  3. What an inspiring idea! Thank you, Fiona! 🍅🍇


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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