Thursday, April 27, 2023

Little Daphne's scary day

We had a bit of a disastrous drama last week. My sweet princess Daphne had a horrible accident tearing her leg badly on a piece of mesh that had just been delivered that day as we are having our patio concreting and tiling done. Talk about a bad luck accident.

So we rushed her to the vet in rush-hour traffic and ... inched ... along. But we got there, they sewed her back together, and now she's at home feeling sorry for herself with a clonking unbendable leg and it's probably pretty sore too.

I'm just so thankful it wasn't worse - she missed a major vein by some miracle. And she was so brave in the car going there. What a star my little Daphne is.

She had pain medication and antibiotics and the bonus for her is that she had to take her medicine with food so she received a small extra meal before bedtime. Thankfully she kept her appetite throughout the whole ordeal; as if I ever expected her to lose it!!

We didn’t leave the house all weekend and I've stayed home most of this week too. Daphne rested a lot. I don’t need any encouragement to stay home so it's been great :)

Daphne is continuing to do well, her leg is healing and her bandage has stayed on, amazingly. No cone of shame necessary thank goodness! She is definitely looking forward to getting her bandages off and the stitches out in a week's time though. Poor wee baby. She has been allowed to sleep on the bed with her poor sore paw since the accident.

She has to stay at home while we take the other two doggies down the road for a walk. I'm sure Chloe is looking for a way to injure herself too... she is NOT a fan of going for walks.

Micky on the other hand launches himself down the driveway and would walk for hours if I kept on going!
And I've finished my latest book too! I am now proofreading it. It feels SO good to write that last word, lol. I’m excited for you to read it very soon. I’d love to release it within the next week, we’ll see how I go!

I'm making the most of my summer clothes now that we're heading into autumn. There are still days when I can wear my wedge sandals.

As is my thing, I bought them in two colours - yellow and orange. And they were on a good special, so I got both pairs for less than the price of one pair. Just as well as I couldn't choose.

And the blouse I'm wearing I also have in Kelly green. Plus the jeans I'm wearing I also have in denim and black... What can I say, I love making things easy for myself by buying different colours of pieces that work for me.

And, of course, waiting until they go on special. The brands are New Zealand so you probably can't get them overseas (DecJuba clothing and Merchant sandals).

I love to wear my nice clothes at home since I don't often go out. It just makes me happy to dress in pretty colours and do my hair and makeup. And if I do go out or someone comes around, I'm not a scruff.

It was actually proven to me when I had to rush Daphne to the vet last week. I'd been at home all day, writing and also doing home things, and then Daphne had her accident.

The next day I thought how glad I was that I looked presentable and wasn't embarrassed by looking like I'd given up on life, lol.

I hope your week is going well, and please tell me, do you buy multiples of clothing items that you like? Do you like repeating outfit combinations in different shades?

xx Fiona
PS. My book 'The Chic Closet' is available on Amazon here. Of course I had to mention it since I was talking about clothes! 

My Amazon links are affiliate, which means that I may receive a small commission on anything you purchase through my link. The price you pay is the same ❤️


  1. I thought it was just me. If a pair of pants or a top fits well and I feel good in it,I always try to buy a different color of same item. Itself good in it and when I travel I can chose mix and match outfits quickly and travel with on bag. I thought it was just me. It’s a good way to keep a bullet wardrobe.
    PS Glad Daphne is recuperating.

  2. Poor little Daphne! My doggo sympathises, the vet found wounds in the 'bottom' of his paws, between the pads, from tiny sharp stones which she found there after the between-the-pads were shaved.

    I buy things I like in several colours, too. Makes sense.

  3. Sorry, forgot to sign. (My message was about the doggo's paws.)

  4. Poor Daphne! I love the picture of your other dog sitting near her :) What sweethearts. And yes, I buy multiple colors of things that fit great. I have always done that. I also get completely ready each day, with make up, clothes and shoes, mostly for my own feelings, but also in case I need to rush out the door for some reason. Congratulations on your new book!

  5. I love how Chloe is staring at Daphne on the bed, wondering what's up. Poor Daphne. ❤️ I've never thought of buying multiples. What a great tip and saves extra shopping and try-ons too. You look lovely in the sunshine. xo karen

  6. Oh no, Fiona! We are having to have surgery for our Doberman for a torn ACL! I feel your pain!

    1. I'm so sorry to hear that, best of luck that the operation goes well and your doggie gets well soon xx

  7. I was cleaning out my emails and ran into this one that I missed! You look really good and I definitely buy more of something that works for me. Being short, it’s always wonderful to find things that fit!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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