Thursday, April 20, 2023

Chic home style, and loving reading

We went outdoor furniture shopping (more just researching really) and I had to test out each set! I really like the chunky woven cane in the second photo. It's got a Hamptons vibe and our outdoor area is quite spacious so a bigger ‘look’ will have presence.

It's so hard to choose! It's a sizeable investment too so I want to make a good decision.

Do you have any tips if you've furnished an outdoor area? A patio is like another whole room of the house!

I'd love to have a living area space and a dining area space. Outdoor sofas have always appealed but I've never bought one before. I’m quite an impatient person but I can see that I’ll have to do some looking and planning to make it lovely :)

Our new outdoor area has been in the making for a couple of years now but there have been delays owing to various factors, our most recent being the cyclone. But our tiles started to go down this week so it is coming together at last.

The good thing about our timing being longer is that it gave us more time to save up to pay for everything, which is a good thing! I almost feel like the Universe slowed everything down on purpose because the timing is pretty much spot on.

There was a cool quote I wrote down from listening to Rhonda Byrne, I can’t remember which audiobook it was of hers (I listen to them all at once):

‘The matrix of the Universe knows only perfect timing.’

It’s so soothing to take that on. It calms worried thoughts and early hours catastrophising :)

Please let me know any advice you have for furnishing an outdoor area, too!
Hallway detail with my faux orchid plant

I know some may scoff at faux plants but I love them. I love that they always look good, I don't have to water them and potentially get rings on wooden furniture... there are no dead bits dropping down onto the table. So many good things :)

I know plants purify the air, and I do have one... ailing... peace lily. But we live in the country and I open windows daily, even in the winter, so that must keep our air good, yes?

Anyway, I'm going to keep on enjoying my faux plants. What I love about life is that we each get to choose what we want to do, which way to go.

I really admire people who enjoy pottering with their plants, and fresh flowers too. But for me, I've now owned that faux is my way, for now at least. Maybe one day I will get into real plants. I'm always open to change.

I wonder if all writers are also keen readers? It certainly is that way for me. I have read books my whole life, and it was always a treat to open a new book, whether it was a Christmas present or new-to-me from the public library.

Weren't libraries just the most wondrous places as a child? Even in the tiny town where I grew up we had a nice library which provided me with all the books I could ever read, from novels to crafty books on candle-making and crochet, lol!

These days I'm just as much a reader, with a Kindle full of books, a curated bookshelf at home, and a local library at my disposal.

It's funny how precious books are to so many of us.

And now I get to write my own books too. I'm telling you, it is such a blessing to have my books in the world. Each one is a piece of my soul. I know they're light and fluffy, but they really are part of me, for you.

I want to share my happy thoughts and positivity to live a brilliant life without spending a lot of money. Of living well and having a helpful mindset. My 'spin' is combining fun and feminine inner work with financial savvy and a chic personal style - both at home and how we present ourselves.

Please tell me, if you are a writer, do you also love reading? And if you are a happy reader, do you ever dream of writing a book?

xx Fiona
PS. You can find all my books here on Amazon.

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  1. Hi Fiona,

    We bought some faux wicker furniture by Martha Stewart that was sold locally at a Home Depot here in Victoria BC Canada...we have had it for quite a few years. The cushions are plush and deep...we bring them inside for the fall and winter and then put them out when the weather warms up. We bought two chairs and a table...friends bought the loveseat as well. They have stood up well and are worth the initial investment .
    Take care,

  2. Hi Fee! Yes I am a voracious reader from childhood on. I was the kid that hid under the blankets at night with a flashlight to finish a Nancy Drew story. And yes, I am a writer. I’m working on the book about Leland and my amazing love affair. I have been published in a few magazines. I have two blogs - the one and a devotional one, I have to write. I am sure you understand that feeling.

  3. Hi Fiona.
    For some lovely decorating ideas hop over to “The Preppy Empty nester”.
    Katie has great suggestions and a wonderful sense of humor.
    She also suggests books and movie/ series / clothing and beauty products too.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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