Thursday, April 13, 2023

Rockin' Rod Stewart concert - we went!

Hello chic friends!
I hope you had a lovely Easter weekend.

We were lucky enough to see Rod Stewart in concert on Saturday night, right here in Hawke’s Bay.

He gave such a good show too. I loved the start with Scottish bagpipes which turned into a rocking ‘Addicted To Love’ complete with hot guitar playing girls!

I love how Rod has fun with his performance and really seemed to be enjoying himself even though he’s probably repeated the show hundreds of times.

What a legend! And an inspiration at 78!

I didn’t see her but a friend told me that his wife Penny Lancaster was there too, wandering around up the front taking selfies with people. How cool is that!

Mind you, if you were Rod’s wife you’d probably stick close too :)

All in all a good night and it didn’t even rain like it was meant to. Phew!

And, we got our internet back on the next day. After seven weeks!! Hallelujah. I’m so grateful!

How about this beautiful autumn sunset the other night? It was fleeting but spectacular.


Little Micky Dog gets tucked in at night, but then migrates onto the carpet complete with blanket :)

Is his bed too comfortable I wonder? Or too cozy?

Apparently he has always been a floor sleeper. Funny wee thing. He's such a honey.

That's all for this week, wishing you a good one :)

xx Fiona

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  1. Great pictures, Fiona! I remember reading not too long ago that Stewart is a model train enthusiast - somehow this charmed me - the idea of this famous rock star puttering around with his model trains!

  2. Looks like you had a great time! Maybe a strange question, but are you able to take wine/beer into the concert?
    Deb, USA

  3. I love Rod Stewart’s Great American Songbook series of albums: “Stardust”, “It Had To Be You“ and “As Time Goes By” albums of old standards. You guys are so good looking, and your husband is very handsome to go with your beauty!!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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