Thursday, June 1, 2023

A city mini-break, my book's birthday, and will YOU write a book?

Hello chic friends!
We had a quick little mini-break last week, spending two nights in Auckland to see family before my husband Paul started his new job on Monday. It was so nice to dress up (my version of dressing up, hehe) and be fancy in the big city.

And, equally nice to be back home with the doggies and Nina cat. We then had neighbours around for dinner on Saturday night which was fun. I didn't get to bed until 1.30am and had to have a big sleep-in on Sunday! Not tons of wine (but enough!) thank goodness but I was still tired when I rose at 11.30am. Oh dear!

It was the total opposite of my normal preferred sleep time of bed 9-10pm and up at 6am. I was so happy to be in bed the next night at a good time and up bright and early in the morning. It's been quite some time since I went to bed that late!

And I've had such a great week so far. I am working on my newest book and have tons of ideas for each chapter, yay! It's so fun to get the idea for a book, brainstorm all the details and everything I can think of, start putting chapters together and then working on it until it's finished. Then editing and proofreading, then releasing.

I already designed the cover when I got the idea, so it's the wallpaper on my desktop computer. It's such a pretty cover and I'm in love with the topic. I can't wait for you to see it when I've finished!

How cute are the three little dog jackets on our coat hook by the front door? We had our first cold enough morning walk to warrant them the other day, with chilly almost-freezing temperatures.

Daphne and Chloe looked fetching in their hot pink fleece tops, and Micky was dapper in his waterproof jacket with tartan detail.

Above them hangs my family tartan too, which suits our 'Ralph Lauren on a budget' decor style perfectly!

I caught this beautiful autumn sunset around 5pm with brilliant blue but slightly threatening stormy sky (we had 7 drops of rain :)

And note the big digger in our paddock below, clearing the silt left behind after the cyclone floods.

Nature moves on and we just have to catch up. It’s all we can do!

And in a few weeks it will be this book's seventh birthday. I could never have imagined what would happen as a result of publishing 'Thirty Chic Days' in June 2016.

Even though I published other titles before this book, I consider it my 'first' book, because it had been written for years. I just never had the guts to do anything with it!

But I'm so glad I did, yes because I have now had the opportunity to share 19 other books that landed on my heart to write, but also because it was very uncomfortable to keep pushing that book down!

'Thirty Chic Days' was printed out and lived in a drawer, and I'd bring it out every now and then to read. I really really wanted to be an author but also it was scary. Where would I go to publish it? Who would read it? Would I get bad reviews? Would people laugh at me?

The answers I have found out?

- Amazon
- You lovely people
- Yes
- Probably!

But guess what, nothing properly bad happened, in fact more good than bad was the result of listening to my inner urging to 'just do it'.

Let me know if you too have always wanted to write a book. Or if you've already written it or know what you want to write. I am your message today to say that it can be done. You can write a book and be a published author.

I have a couple of different resources if you want to make 2023 the year you write your book:

'The Chic Author': This book covers everything I have done to write and self-publish my books, and comes from both a practical angle and a mindset angle. You can find the book on Kindle and in paperback here on Amazon. And in my eStore (eBook only) for an alternative to Amazon.

'Create your dream life as a successful author' eCourse: If you wish to go further, and really immerse yourself in a six-week home study course. I created it in 2018 and it covers every detail of how I got started (including many of the finer points which I've probably forgotten about today because I do them automatically). Details in my eStore here.


If you too are aware that you're pushing your book down, this is your sign to give it up. Release the resistance. Let your book out!
Have a great week :)
xx Fiona
Newest book out now
 100 Ways to be That Girl - No. 1 Bestseller!

PS. My Amazon links are affiliate, which means I may earn a small commission when you order something, at no extra cost to you. I appreciate it if you choose to use my links :) Thank you!


  1. I so enjoy your uplifting posts. You should have taken a picture of Daphne and Chloe in their hot pink outfits instead of just telling us about them. 😃 I bet they were darling!

    I wanted to get your e-book course when it first came out but we ended up having to sell the house and move. Now I get sticker shock but I am putting money back, now that I know it’s in your store and available! 🤗

    1. I will take a photo next time Nan! I didn’t take my phone with me on the walk this time.

      Can you please send me an email Fiona at howtobechic dot com, about the book course? Many thanks! Fiona

    2. OK I sent you an email! I am determined to take your course! This is my year to clean up and publish the manuscripts sitting in a packing box!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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