Saturday, July 11, 2020

Q&A video coming up!

Hello and happy weekend to you! I am so keen to do a Q&A video; I’ve wanted to do one for ages because I love listening in to others videos :)

Please put any questions you are curious about in the comments, or you can email me

I really hope I get lots of questions! Imagine getting none. The shame of it!!

Wishing you a beautiful rest of the weekend. It’s almost Saturday night here, the fire is just lit, I have a bottle of bubbles in the fridge and my husband will be home from work soon.  Is there anything better than a cozy night at home?

Before I go, this is my sweet girl Jessica in her new favourite donut bed.  She loves it! To be fair, if I had one in my size I’d love it too.

We adopted Jessica almost nine years ago and she was 1.5 then. So that makes her 10 or 11?

Apart from her donut, she loves scaring the dogs, lying by the fire, lap-time and her red dot lazer toy from Kmart :)

And this week has been beautiful crisp winter weather, just perfect for a dog walk.

We’ve had such a lot of rain lately, that even I, pluviophile extraordinaire, am happy to see the blue sky.  Hawke’s Bay covers herself in glory on days like this.

How is the weather at your place? Tell me everything 😊 I know it’s very hot for some of you, being the middle of summer and all.

And don't forget your question for the Q&A video!

xx Fiona


  1. I have followed your blog and books (and fabulous author course!) for a while. One trait that I really admire is your ability to do what you want and not be overly concerned about what others will think of it. Does this come naturally? And how do you do it? I find it gets easier as I get older but I still have trouble.

    Thanks! Lindsey

  2. Hi Fiona! I have 2 questions for you. First, would your new book, The Chic Author, be helpful for someone wanting to start writing a blog? And also, I've always wondered if you plan on returning to France in the future? Thank you so much for your uplifting blog and books - so needed in these times. A sante'

  3. Hi, Fiona! I'm looking forward to your video. I would like to know, what are your routines like, morning, evening, daily, cleaning etc? I know that might be a lot of of info to put in a video, you could probably do a whole blog post for each! Do you watch TV/movies and how often? What are you reading? Hope this isn't too much, I'll be happy with anything you discuss in the video! Also I want to tell you, you look beautiful in the picture! I love your light makeup look you're a natural beauty and it suits you, and hair, great length for you!

  4. Hi Fiona, I am a confirmed pluviophile as well, rain is so comforting to me. I wish we had more of it in So. Cal. though. It is currently 93*F right now ... too warm for me.

    You look gorgeous in the photo. Your skin! What is your skincare routine/products you use?


  5. I would love to know more about your favorite things - books, movies, music?

    From reading your blog and watching your videos, I've noticed that you identify as an introvert. Have you ever been misunderstood or faced judgement because of your introverted nature? How do you (or did you) manage living as an introvert in such a busy, go-go-go world?


  6. Have you had any bad experiences, being a writer (such as weird people showing up at your door, as a fear you mentioned in your book, or threats from people who are just mean and disagreeable)?

  7. Hi, Fiona - do you enjoy cooking? When you're eating dinner at home, what are a few easygeasy menus for you? I always need menu ideas (not just entree ideas!) Thanks so much! I enjoy your blog here in the (hot!) southeastern United States.

  8. Oops - here's another:. Handbags are my vice. Do you have a favorite handbag designer?

  9. You mentioned in one of your books that you had given up alcohol for a number of years. Later you started including it again in your life. I wonder what your current thoughts are about drinking alcohol.

  10. 1. Could you do a skincare video? :)

    2. How are you staying positive with all the changes going on in the world? Initially I was dealing well with the quarantine as I'm naturally a homebody but lately have been feeling anxious about the future.

    Looking forward to the Q&A!

  11. What is something you have always wanted to learn?
    What three words would you use to describe yourself?
    If you could be any animal, what would you be? Why?


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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