Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Magical July
Ritz Paris, Place Vendome

Oh I do love a new start with the first of the month! I have been enjoying doing petite goal lists with regards to my writing for the past three months, and they are working out well.  This month I want to:

- Publish 'The Chic Closet' eBook
- Finish 'Thirty Chic Days Vol. 3' manuscript
- Post daily on my social media accounts and blog  - a photo, post or video

That's it.

A nice simple list to keep me focused.  My June list had a few too many things on it and I didn't get them completed.  Not one thing!  But I got partial things done.  It was annoying not to be able to tick anything off though :)

I also feel buoyed by a new month.  It's exciting to think what you can achieve in the next 31 days!

Something I've found that is good for me is that I try to do things as fast as possible, whether it's prepping dinner, hanging washing out, making the bed or writing a chapter.  It moves me in more ways than just physical.  I do a better job, there is a higher energy, and I don't bog myself down in details, or starting a job within a job :)

Can you relate???

So let's all get our July off to an amazing start.  Please tell me your top three goals!  They could be in one specific area, or general.  I know it might still be June where you are, so just pretend it's July!

xx Fiona


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  1. 1) publish my book. It's actually my second one, I wrote a book on ctrystals and chakras 32 years ago. 2) I've started writing an online specialised yoga course, so yes, continuing with this 3) sort out my 2 blogs on many levels


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