Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Olive oil love

Natural oils, such as olive oil, are one of my favourite beauty products for both inside and outside the body.  There are lists all over the internet of the million and one uses for olive oil, but here are my four best ways:

- In my smoothies.  I discovered a product called Beauty Oil by Bestow, a few years ago, and started putting it in my smoothies each morning.  It is a luxurious product, however the price is luxurious too, so I decided to go for a more budget-friendly alternative - cold pressed extra virgin olive oil.  I use some each day - about one tablespoon at a guess - in my smoothie, and not only does the fat keep me fuller for longer, but I know it's contributing to my physical wellbeing and plumping up my skin.

- On our vegetables.   With most meals we will have steamed vegetables - any or all of broccoli, carrots, beans, leeks, and cauliflower.  I prefer them on the slightly crunchy side, perhaps al dente?  And then tossed in olive oil.  I pour a little in the cooking pot and tip it upside down with the lid on.  The coating of olive oil makes a lovely flavour, and something for salt and pepper to stick to :)

- As a cleanser.  I love to massage a small amount of oil, 2-3 pumps if I have it in a pump bottle, onto my skin.  It melts off my makeup and I get to have a soothing massage all at the same time.  I don't rub it into my eyes though - before I do this I remove my eye makeup with a cotton pad and micellar water.  I then rise off the oil using a face flannel and hot water in the basin.  I wring the flannel out as much as I can and it feels wonderful to cleanse my face with a steaming hot flannel.  I rinse three times in total then put whatever moisturiser I have, on, while  my skin is still warm, damp and glowing.  I sometimes use serum, sometimes not.  I always use an eye cream.  Nothing is any particular brand.  I like to try inexpensive and/or natural brands from the supermarket.

- As a moisture booster.  Every so often I like to amp up my body lotion by tipping some olive oil into it, and shake well so it all combines.  It makes the body lotion feel so thick and lush, and it's wonderful in the winter.  I love using it for moisturising my feet too, which I do every night before I go to bed, all year round.  I either have hotel slippers by my bed, or a washable cotton bath mat, so that I don't get my richly moisturised feet on the carpet.  I don't mind a little bit on the sheets, as they get a warm or hot wash each week.

When I think of olive oil, I always remember reading about the Italian ladies, who eat, drink and just about bathe in it.  They put it on their skin, their hair, and retain their youth as a result.

Are you a fan too?  As much as I am?  Tell me your best tip :)

xx Fiona


  1. I discovered natural oils in my early 20s. My first facial oil was called 7 golden oils. I loved it, even though I had oily skin. I now use rose hip oil most nights and it has definitely faded my sun spots. (lucky moi!!)

    1. Rose hip oil fades spots! That's fabulous! And 7 Golden Oils sounds so luxurious :)

  2. I've used olive oil or almond oil to take off my eye makeup for years. It works great and has no chemicals like makeup removers might, and I think it has helped prevent wrinkles. I'm 50.

  3. We used cold pressed rapeseed oil, Fiona, which is even healthier than olive oil. Can you buy that in NZ? Have you tried it?
    Margaret P


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