Thursday, July 2, 2020

Hygge Comfort

My cozy fire - click on the image to see it crackling on Instagram!

In case you need a little Hygge in your life right now. I feel you, Southern Hemisphere chic friends - it’s only 7 deg C (44 F) here at morning tea time. Brrr!

I think I need to make a steaming hot cup of tea - my current favourite is Twinings Lemon Scented black tea with trim milk. This is not an advert! But I should be paid :) It’s a hard one to find. Earl Grey and English Breakfast are a dime a dozen, but they sure do hide the Lemon Scented away.

A friend living in England who stayed the night just before lockdown, saw my stash and couldn’t believe he’d met another person who loved Twinings Lemon Scented as much as he did. So much so that he had boxes of it in his suitcase to take back to England. And it’s made in England. But he can’t find it there at all!

The lengths some people will go to for their favourite drink.

Tell me yours!

xx Fiona

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