Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Q&A Time

Me thinking I'm all that when my brother took me out in his Audi convertible last week.  Driving open-top on a lovely day does feel really good!

I love it when bloggers host Q&A sessions.  It’s so interesting the kinds of questions asked, plus of course their answers.  I’m totally nosy!  So I thought it would be fun to do one myself.

If you’ve ever felt curious about anything or have a question, ask away.  You can email me at howtobechic at gmail dot com or leave a comment under this post.

I will answer your questions in a Q&A post to come, and if there are questions about something I’d like to answer more in depth, they may even become a blog post.

Fun!  I’m excited about this.  And a bit scared.  But that’s what life is about, taking a chance.

Please, please let at one person ask a question… otherwise I'll have to organise some ring-ins.


  1. Hi Fiona, I'd love to ask a question of you. I've become interested in capsule wardrobes like those Jennifer (The Daily Connoisseur) advocates. I know you are into decluttering and minimising, do you aim to have a capsule wardrobe? If you do, what are your essentials?

    Thank you.

  2. Hi Fiona, i have lots of questions :)

    I'll start with one - many bloggers talk about investment dressing - i'm not sure i agree with the term "investment" for clothes which are disposable items which mostly have little resale value unless they are very expensive - but I digress.... I do believe in qualify over quantity - where do you shop? There is so little choice in NZ. For example, you wore a beautiful DVF dress a while ago in a photo on the blog - did you buy it online?

    Aisling x

  3. How do you come up with all of your chic ideas?

  4. SO glad you have returned to blogging! Would love to know more about your thoughts on time management; financial "chic" responsibility (love your posts on money!); long term goals and planning; organization; a day in your life; your thoughts on chic attributes such as dignity, discretion, independence, and any other qualities you identify as essential for a chic life!

  5. Hi Fiona,

    I enjoy your beauty related posts, so would like to read about: your make up bag; travel skincare/make up; beauty heroes etc.

    Love your blog - so glad that you decided to start again,

  6. Hi- so happy you are back! I am envious of your gorgeous hair- looks so healthy! Can you tell us how you care for it and how you tend to style it? Any helpful tips you can share will be so appreciated!

  7. Such fun questions, thank you for your comments! No question too big or small!

  8. Okay, Fiona, you asked. I have a bunch of questions for you:

    It's obvious you've maintained your slim and trim figure by chic eating. I'd really like to know how you are able to maintain your healthy eating habits while being a busy business owner. How do you go about planning your meals and shopping; your food prep and the choices you make; how do you avoid making wrong choices during your day? Do you have snacks? Do you ever cave in to cravings or binges?

    I constantly struggle to eat healthy and not deprive myself, but more often than not, I'm finishing the crumbs in the potato chip bag or making a late night ice cream run.

    Thank you for allowing us to ask these questions. Deborah

  9. Hi! I have many questions (hope you don't mind!)
    1. favorite movie?
    2. favorite book?
    3. favorite perfume?
    4. favorite memory?
    5. favorite food?
    6. favorite flower?
    7. favorite thing to do on a lazy day?
    8. favorite song?

  10. Hi Fiona-

    I love your blog and I'm so glad you're back! I would like to know if you're still not drinking alcohol, and what effects you've seen from it (physically, mentally, etc). Thanks! xx

  11. Fiona, I'm so glad you decided to come back to your blog. And with that comes my question: what is your vision for the blog? Is it still a place to share your thoughts, or do you hope to grow it into a more commercial model? Do you think there is a business in the art of living well?


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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