Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Day 6: Reader Q&A - Suzi

Suzi asked:

I enjoy your beauty related posts, so would like to read about: your make up bag; travel skincare/make up; beauty heroes etc.

Like a lot of things in my life, I like to keep my makeup and skincare simple.  Currently all my products are low-cost, and I think if standards remain as high as they are I may never go back to expensive products.

I love the Maybelline products I have, and also use a few Avon products.  In my makeup bag is Maybelline Superstay Better Skin liquid foundation, and I use a light dusting of translucent powder (I also touch up during the day as I get a shiny t-zone).  I have a bronzing powder but don’t often use it, instead preferring a glowing pink blush. 

I use an Avon ‘Blonde’ eyebrow pencil, and eyeliner sometimes top and bottom, sometimes just bottom.  The colours I prefer are brown, dark grey and dark blue.   

On my lips I prefer sheer colour. Often I’ll put a lip balm on, then some lipstick, then lipgloss.  A little bit of each creates a nice sheer colour. 

I have to force myself to take my time to build up mascara, because I’m impatient to get finished with my makeup.  But I know that my eyelashes need help so I make sure I do a couple of coats.  Then tidy up with a cotton bud (q tip).

I’m not loyal to any one brand, and sometimes buy items on special if I like the colour.  Makeup seems to last for ages, so it’s rare I will run out of anything.  Probably mascara and eyebrow pencil are the items I seem to buy most regularly.  My most recent favourite mascara was Maybelline the Colossal Volum’ Express Smoky Eyes in a bright yellow container.

When I travel, I take the same makeup items I use at home.  I’ve learnt that even though I think it’s a good idea taking products that I don’t use at home on holiday, I don’t use them there either.  Now I take just exactly what I put on at home. 

With skincare I will decant bigger items such as shampoo and conditioner, cleanser and toner, but usually take the moisturiser that I use at home, unless I have a sample size to use.  I don’t save samples for travel though, I use them as I receive them.  By the time I travelled again they would be out of date…

Beauty heroes?  Hmm, no specific brands, but products I can’t live without?  All of them!  I love wearing makeup.  I like it sheer and subtle with a little bit of oomph, that’s my style.

Thank you for your question, Suzi!


  1. Thanks for your tips, Fiona.

    You do a great job at creating a sheer look and your skin looks lovely and free of sun damage. I'm wondering how you integrate sun protection and still manage to achieve that flawless look. I find it a bit tricky at times managing sun protection/foundation/tinted moisturizer application in a way that is both sheer and effective at blocking the sun's rays.


  2. Fiona I'd love to know the brand of the translucent powder you use, I need one but can't find one I like.

    I use a Shu uemura Eyelash Curler as recommended by Jennifer at a Daily Connoisseur. Even with my deep set eyes and fine eyelashes, I now use half the amount of mascara I did prior to using the curler!

  3. I am definitely a simple girl in regards to makeup: BB cream, neutral eye shadow, mascara on top lashes and lipstick or gloss.

  4. I am also an inxpensive make up kind of woman and often use what I find at the drug store. I have been using Lancome cleanser, toner, face and eye cream for over twenty years now and feel the skin on my face respons best to this.

    Thanks for sharing your tips with us. Would love to know how you get your glow- I bet it is simply from taking great care of yourself and living a happy and lovely life!

  5. Thanks Fiona Imwill try the Maybelline foundation. I currently use Moisture Mist BB Cream which is good but needs reapplying during the day.

    What moisturiser do you use?


  6. Alison, for sun protection, I make sure that both my daytime moisturiser and my foundation have an SPF in them. I don't spend tons of time in the sun and very rarely wear a thick sunscreen on my face. I do however make sure my decolletage is always protected as it gets pink very easily. I have found the SPF15 Vaseline Intensive Care in the mint green bottle very good - it protects without being greasy like sunscreens are.

    Rose, I always use loose powder at home and then have a pressed powder at work. I put on both with a big brush, I don't use the velour pad that comes with the pressed powder (but I do with the one in my handbag if I'm out of course). I still have Dior as I was lucky enough to buy at staff rates up until recently. Maybe when that runs out and I buy something else my glow will disappear!

    Aisling, I also have the Moisture Mist beauty cake which I quite like because it's a quick product to apply and looks really nice. My favourite moisturiser is Olay Complete that I talk about in this post: http://bit.ly/1BbkjLl. I've tried both Sensitive and Normal/Dry formulations. I love Sensitive because it contains aloe vera, but I love Normal/Dry because it has that classic Olay scent. I'm torn!

  7. Hi Fiona,

    Thank you so much for answering my questions. I, like you, have moved away from slavishly buying premium brands to more affordable alternatives. I particularly enjoy using the Trilogy rosehip oil which you recommended in a previous post.

    You are a glowing example of how you don't need lots of money to look fantastic.



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