Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Day 9: Reader Q&A - Dana

Dana asked:

I have many questions (hope you don't mind!)
1. favorite movie?
2. favorite book?
3. favorite perfume?
4. favorite memory?
5. favorite food?
6. favorite flower?
7. favorite thing to do on a lazy day?
8. favorite song?

Hi Dana, of course I don’t mind.  I only hope my answers are good enough for you because it’s hard for me to choose a favourite anything – there are just too many good choices.  Okay, let’s get cracking.

Favourite movie.  I like many different types of movie genres, so to choose one is très difficult.  We watched To Catch A Thief with Grace Kelly and Cary Grant a few months ago and it was SO good.  However I also love really silly movies like Dumb and Dumber and Legally Blonde.  Australian movie Red Dog is wonderful.  Then there’s the fashion movie genre for such gems as The Devil Wears Prada.  And not to forget French subtitle movies which always make me feel very intelligent, worldly and stylish when I watch them.  There are light-hearted French movies too, such as anything Audrey Tautou is in.  Movies I won’t watch are ones that are depressing, worthy with no other qualities, scary or blow-em-up.  I like to laugh or be inspired (bonus if both at once), that’s my criteria for a top movie.

Favourite book.  Again, there are so many different types of books to choose from.  Off the top of my head for different reasons are No More Hangovers which changed my life, Jemima J, the Shopaholic series, Anne Barone’s Chic & Slim, Chic & Slim Encore plus Techniques No. 1, authors Jackie Collins, Joanna Trollope, Kristi Belcamino, Jennifer L. Scott.  My list is so long, I think I will have to do a blog page dedicated to books.

Favourite perfume.  Going with the theme here, I don’t have one favourite – I love too many.  I love pricey perfumes such as Chanel Coco Noir, and at the other end of the price scale I also love Jovan White Musk.  I suppose I do prefer fragrances with light musk, vanilla, woody, floral, maybe fruity/aquatic for a change once in a while.  It’s probably easier to say what I don’t like – anything very herbaceous and strong, clove, licorice or cinnamon in perfumes.  I love reading up on Fragrantica.  I’ve learnt so much from this website and also found new perfumes to try.  I’ve bought a few Avon ones from my Avon lady – I’m wearing Night Magic today and it’s so lovely and soft.

Favourite memory.  Having fun with my family when I was little, no specific memory, just being together and joshing about with each other.  There is also one specific time from when my first niece was born eight years ago.  My sister was at home with her and I visited during a weekday, my brother turned up at the same time and we had the best afternoon.  It was cold outside and cosy inside and it was a day when the energy just clicked and we all enjoyed each other’s company in a silly way.  We can all revert to childhood immaturity very quickly, which I love.

Favourite food.  It doesn’t have a chic ring to it, but I’m going to say potato.  I love hot chips/French fries, potato chips, baked potato, little new boiled ones with butter, mashed potato and roast potato.  I know they’re from the nightshade family which is supposed to be poisonous but I still love potatoes.

Favourite flower.  Big pale pink trumpet lilies for the beautiful scent that reminds me of Christmas (they are called Christmas lilies here because they bloom in December).  If I was Tamara Ecclestone I’d have them delivered every week for my vestibule table (I’d also have a vestibule and a vestibule table if I was Tamara Ecclestone).  I would have to have a little Danger tape around them to protect the cats, thanks to Anonymous’ comment on a previous post.  I love spring flowers such as daffodils, jonquil, early cheer and grape hyacinth, and highly scented roses.

Favourite thing to do on a lazy day.  Be at home with the fire going, books to read, knitting to do and a laptop to write on.  The fairies would have cleaned my house so I could just enjoy it without having to do any housework too.  Blissful!

Favourite song.  I love ‘Dream a little dream’ and have almost learnt all the lyrics so I can sing it to myself.  Also, ‘Lullaby in Birdland’, same thing with learning the lyrics.  Only to myself though.

Thanks for a fun question Dana!


  1. I love Jovan Musk but haven't tried the white musk, though I do have a body spray that is white musk that I love! I stopped wearing it when all my friends said it was an old lady perfume and I needed something more current and hip.

  2. Loved your answers Fiona and learning more about you ;-) Like you, the books would be too many to mention xx

  3. Hi Fiona, I 'm with you on the blow-um-up, violent films. I immediately lose interest in a book or film when there is too much profanity and violence. I just don't have the patience for that sort of thing assaulting my senses anymore!

  4. Hi! Thanks for answering my questions. It is nice to get to know more about you. I also adore pale pink lilies. I haven't worn Jovan Musk since I was a teen in high school (about 20 yars ago!)- brings back so many memories. Can't watch those blow-up movies either- I love a good classic or a foreign film ( I also feel quite sophisicated reading subtitles!).

    Would love to see a future post about your favorite books and authors.

    Thanks so much for taking the time to respond!

  5. Tracy, I absolutely LOVE 'old lady' fragrances and something like Jovan White Musk I will often wear at home just for myself.

  6. Eek! I just turned in my fourth book after a crazy deadline where I haven't barely done anything but write so now I'm catching up on my favorite blogs and wohooo! find myself here I am in your picture! Thanks, Fiona, and thanks for listing me with so many other wonderful authors. What an honor! xx


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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