Saturday, May 16, 2015

Day 4: Reader Q&A

I'm answering today's reader question with a video again. They're fun to make!  I didn't entirely get away without being video-bombed like my first video - Nina Cat features in the background later on (such a bonus I know).  She is almost identical to her mother so it will look like the same cat to you.

Anonymous asked:

Would love to know more about your thoughts on time management; financial "chic" responsibility (love your posts on money!); long term goals and planning; and organization.

I answer this on the video.  If you would like me to clarify or expand on anything I say, please ask, and I can do that in the comments.

As always, thank you for your questions, I'm loving doing these posts.


  1. Wow- this was very helpful and informative! Agree with all your thoughts. Love, love, love your video blogs!
    p.s. agree that you look stunning. I also love your necklace!

  2. I too love your necklace! Can you tell us about it? So beautiful!

  3. Pret a Porter P, I'm such a fan of good eyebrows so that really means a lot to me. I dream of going to Anastacia in Beverly Hills one day, but for now, I do my own. I always use blonde eyebrow pencil too.

    Anonymous x 2, my necklace is a special gift from my husband when we were first dating. It's an 1862 French coin made from 22 ct gold. You probably couldn't find a more perfect gift for me, since I'm a Francophile who is passionate about financial education!

  4. I'm not great with computers but I can hardly hear your videos even when the volume is all the way up. Missing out on this important information lol! You look very pretty though!-Carla.

  5. Hi Carla, I'll try and speak louder or see if there is a setting on my camera (it's very basic!). My second video is louder than my first I think, because I am closer to the camera.

    Did you know that you can increase the volume both on YouTube/the video, plus your computer? So make sure both are up to full volume and that might help.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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