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Day 10: Reader Q&A - Jennifer and Carla
Allen Carr's magic little book (from Amazon here).

I would like to know if you're still not drinking alcohol, and what effects you've seen from it (physically, mentally, etc). Thanks!

Carla asked:

I too would like to hear more about your not drinking (if you still aren't). I have been wanting to quit altogether for a long time and admire those who do!

Dear Jennifer and Carla, yes, I am still a happy non-drinker.  This month will be three years since I read the book No More Hangovers and became an instant non-drinker (even though I didn’t realise that would be the case at the time).  If anyone reading has not seen my first post about the subject, you can read it here.

What else can I say except that I believe it’s one of the best decisions I’ve ever made.  I still, even after three years, can’t quite believe that I don’t drink and I couldn’t give a hoot about alcohol.  I can have people drinking around me and never be tempted.  I love to sniff the bouquet of a wine and always have a point of view on whatever wine my husband is drinking.  It’s almost as if wine is like perfume to me now.

I’ve not had a hangover for three years (so the book title is telling the truth) and my upper weight level has lowered by about six kilos (thirteen pounds) in that time without me changing anything else.  I still have a sugar habit, and I believe that alcohol and sugar are related.  I would be really happy if I could cut out sugar completely, but it’s a bit different with alcohol.  Something is either alcohol or it’s not, whereas loads of foods have sugar in them, just to varying levels.

I did notice I had lots of cravings for sugar when I stopped drinking.  Apparently it’s a common thing with alcoholics too, eek!  I don’t think I was an alcoholic, I just think it’s the sugar thing I’m sensitive to, so one glass was so delicious and sweet why not have another.  And the sugar in alcohol upsets your sleep, you can’t relax and nod off when you go to bed.

Nowadays I sleep well, and if I get up during the night, I drop off easily again.  I feel really content, balanced and happy most of the time.  I am less irritable I think (maybe ask those around me for an honest answer) and feel happy to be free from the false friend of alcohol.

I truly don’t miss the tipsy feeling at all, and that, if I’m being completely honest, was something I quite liked before.  Who doesn’t love that floaty feeling of the first drink, but now it feels like something from the past that doesn’t interest me anymore.

Maybe it’s an age thing, I don’t know, since hangovers get worse as we get older (and with fewer drinks), but I just know that I am super happy to be a non-drinker and I don’t even care if people think I’m strange.  I’m happy and that’s all that matters.

If you’re on the fence I’d highly recommend it, and if you have any further questions I can answer them in the comments.

√† Votre Sant√©!  (as I toast you with my sparkling water/Diet Coke/sugarfree Red Bull in a champagne flute).


  1. Thanks so much for answering my question! :) I am also a non-drinker (it was 3 years in March), but I still go through periods where I kind of envy people who can have a couple drinks and be done. For me, once I started with one drink I just kept going and going. I was always kind of a party girl growing up, but once I got older (I'm 41 now) it just wasn't cool anymore - and my body couldn't take it. I also have two young children (8 and 6 now) and a hangover was definitely not conducive to early mornings (or anytime) with them. My marriage was also suffering as a result, as my husband was more of a casual drinker. (He has also quit drinking so as not to tempt me in any way).

    I love your story of how you just stopped after reading the Allen Carr book, and I often read your posts about being a non-drinker. They inspire me every time and reassure me that I'm on the right track! 90% of the time I feel great, but once and a while that small desire creeps in and reminds me that I need to stay vigilant in my decision.

    I have also developed a sweet tooth that I never had before, so that's a little annoying ;). Alcohol and sugar are most definitely related when it comes to how they affect your body. That will be my next thing to conquer- I just know I'm really an "all or nothing" person and I don't know if I'm completely ready to give it up! I would just give up refined sugar though, as it would be nearly impossible to give it up in every form.

    Thanks so much for your lovely blog! XO Jennifer

  2. Jennifer, I agree with you in that I sometimes think 'it would be nice to have a good glass of wine', but since I'm happy with the way things are I then think 'why bother upsetting something that works for me'. Alcohol is definitely romanticised and I still buy into that somewhat. For example, I felt grief at the beginning that I might never sip a glass of champagne in France if I was a non-drinker. But really, France is more than a drink type and I can still enjoy a trip there as a teetotaller.


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