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Style Experts

Originally posted on La Vie En Fifi, 9 November 2009

I was lucky enough to watch a live show featuring Trinny and Susannah last month at my local mall. There were a lot of people there and it was standing only. Even so, with impatient legs stuck in one spot, the hour they were on stage flew by. These upper crust English girls earn their money. They were hilarious, motherly, helpful, compassionate and comedic all at once.

I don't remember exactly what Trinny wore, but I fell in love with Susannah's outfit. It was a knee-length light navy-blue dress, with a wide-ish belt in black. I remembered that I read French women wear navy and black or brown and black together. I could never get my head around navy and black, but now I can.

Women looked vastly different and for the most part better after a simple change of clothing and a ten minute hair and makeup. Their most emphatic message for the audience was to be fitted for a new bra, or at the very least shorten the straps of your existing one to give the girls a lift (I did this as soon as I got home!).

Another message for us was to not wear black all the time. I am the opposite to this though. I haven’t worn black for so long, save for a few black tops and a shirt. I don’t often wear them as I feel they drain the colour from my face and create black circles under my eyes. I am wanting to find out ways to reintroduce black into my wardrobe that is flattering for fair colouring as I think it is very chic if worn properly.

Scarves and necklaces are a good way of adding light around the face, as are earrings (pearl or diamond – my pearls are real, my diamonds are faux). Also being more careful with my makeup, adding more mascara, healthy natural pink toned blush and perhaps a sheer red lipstick to brighten up the complexion. These are some of the ways I am returning to a small amount of black.

Trinny and Susannah’s main rules for shopping are: Make a list of what you want to get before you go out shopping. Look in your wardrobe and make a list. Work out your budget. Work out how much money you have. Think ‘what is it I can never find in my wardrobe that I need’.

The last statement is the one that I think is the best. It’s easy to buy multiples of the pieces you already have, but to find out what it is you always miss having, that’s the hard question.

A favourite quote from Trinny and Susannah comes from one of their many books. I think it was the one about changing your life by changing your clothes.

‘Keep your hand out of the cookie jar. Resisting temptation may be the key to great personal style.’

And another:
‘The best beauty treatment is personal size reduction.’

This is what I am working on right now. It is often only a few (well, OK, five) kilos between feeling chic or not!

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  1. I have never watched their show or bought their books although I know who they are--and have always been interested in what they have to say (if featured on a talk show or magazine). I really love the last quotes---I totally "get" what they mean. So off on a walk I go. xxBliss

  2. A great reminder given at the perfect time for me. The sale season is about to come up in the States, and I must keep my head! Off to write lists and to keep my hand out of the cookie jar!

  3. I have enjoyed their show and read several of their books...they are big fans of Spanx!

    "Personal size reduction" is a dream goal...for me and one that seems illusive and unobtainable.

    As a fan of black (and white) I adore scarves and colour in accessories. I always admire colour on others Fiona and I can see you wearing it well.

    Armed with a shopping list whether for groceries or clothing is a great tool...I just need to resist that impulse buy! You seem to be far more disciplined!

    Hope that your week is going well Fiona!

  4. Truer words were never posted! I've finally worked out that I will never be happy with my clothes for as long as I'm at this weight. It's not usual for me and I'm not happy with it, so I've been counting calories and walking more. I hope to get back to running soon, too.

  5. I totally relate to the last quote about "personal size reduction". After a weight gain, I spent a long time trying to find styles to flatter my figure. Then finally I realized that what I really wanted was to return to my thinner frame. So I decided to focus on that instead. This quest is much more satisfying to me.

  6. I loved watching their show! I agree with you - I am trying to personally reduce my size right now, but doing so with good food and proper exercise. Wonderful post, Fiona! xxoo :)

  7. Black is still my favorite color to wear. But I can never go without a little color in my face. I wear under-eye concealer, a light pink blush, a colorful lip, a flattering neutral eye color, and mascara.

    Congrats on the pounds coming off. They come off slowly, but you can use the time to reassess your style quotient.

  8. Trinny and Susannah seemed to have successfully crossed "the pond". They were very popular on Uk TV. I love navy and black together. Navy softens the black which is no longer my best colour close to my face.
    Agree with the weight, have just lost 3 kilos and it makes all the difference.

  9. I'm the most unfashionable person - since I have no idea who Trinity and Susannah are - i don't watch television. So I shall do the usual Google thingy shortly.

    Whenever I wear all black I add colour with a headwrap or a colourful bespoke hat. This usually brightens the face and eyes. And the attention stays at the face rather than on the figure.

    I think the reason why black drains the colour from your face is because you do not add colour at the face with either a shawl or hat. And perhaps you do not use undereye concealer?

  10. I loved this post the first time around and am enjoying seeing ALL of them for an encore. The two quotes by T&S were so profound that I scribbled them into my quotes book, and since then, I've tried to recall whose blog introduced them to me. Mystery solved!

    You are, as always, ever stylish, Fiona!


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