Thursday, May 19, 2011


My friend Mary creates the most exquisite jewellery. It is often made from salvaged/reclaimed items, as with this necklace above. In a previous life, the main component was a silver-plated teaspoon. I love the way the bijoux charms nestle into the spoon bowl.

She has recently opened an Etsy store, and I thought you might like to know about her beautiful and sometimes unusual one-of-a-kind creations.

Mary is one of my chic mentors (she is very talented and has great taste), and also my aromatherapy masseuse. She lives in a tiny and gorgeously decorated inner-city cottage with her husband, and is European in so many ways. Mary walks most places, wears accessories with style and panache and puts together charity shop finds in her own chic way.

Click on the link below to see the rest of her current range at her Etsy store:

Mary Crosby Design


  1. How exquisite! I am headed right over to look at her other pieces.

  2. Etsy is my new favorite place to spend time. I just opened a store on there too. I am focusing more on selling vintage items but may add hand-made jewelry as time goes on. Fun, fun stuff!! xxBliss

  3. How clever and resourceful of your friend to create such pieces. I like the necklace that you have posted and the one that your friend, Mary named "Fiona". It's quite elegant, much like it's namesake.



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