Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Having discipline

The French woman famously has ‘steely discipline’ when it comes to matters pertaining to everything. In her grooming, how she dresses, the way she carries herself in public, in not drinking too much, what she spends her money on and the amount of outside events she allows into her life.

I don’t know about steely discipline, but some discipline would be helpful. I may rebel against myself at first, but I am slowly coming to understand that when we limit ourselves, it’s a better thing overall. And the more you use it, the easier it seems to become.

Think about how you might be with none. Possibly this was you as a teenager or in your twenties. The thing is, you can get away with it then. You can stay out late and still look good the next day. If it’s done too often though, time catches up and you can see it on the faces of those who don’t take the time to look after themselves.

Imagine again the disciplined you. You wake at the same (early-ish) time each day. You go to bed (mostly) at roughly the same time. You have one or two glasses of wine only a few days per week and enjoy nutritious and delicious food in small amounts. You allow yourself plenty of time to get ready in the morning and attend to your wardrobe and home regularly, thus preventing meltdowns when something that is needed is in the wash, or people are coming over and the house is a tip.

Getting ahead of myself is the best way I find to keep on top of things and feel happy and contented. I plan ahead at least a few days at a time and make notes in my diary of things I want to do. I know that I am a lot nicer to be around on the days when I have put things away as I’ve used them, planned what I’m making for dinner, and have clothes that are clean for yoga.

Last week on my day at home I did a big pile of mending which I had been putting off. Sewing buttons on, mending thin patches in jeans, hemming pants that were slightly too long. The next day was such a thrill to get dressed for work as I had all these lovely, tailored-for-me clothes hanging up. Things like this take discipline but instead of seeing it as a bind, I can choose to see it as helping me be free.

Image of Audrey Tautou from sofeminine.co.uk. Do you you think she looks like this by eating chips lying on the sofa?


  1. Discipline - yep, not easy - and I am French... Great post and well done on all that mending ;-) Love from London xo

  2. How correct you are! To be in control of one's self but to allow of "bit" of frivolity & spontaneous "pleasure". I am thought to be very "dull" by the mostly loud women that I work with. I prefer my own way of life over theirs any day.

  3. Nice! I can always learn to be more disciplined. I try but do not always succeed.

    That is a great picture of Audrey T.--she looks amazing in that color and cut of blouse. xxBliss

  4. This was the most perfect post as I so needed it. I've not been very disciplined lately and it's been insanely stressful because of it. I need to remember to not lose myself when life gets complicated.

  5. What a timely post Fiona.

    I need more discipline...and less procrastination.
    Mending and ironing are such a challenge for me!

    Audrey is lovely!

  6. Good post. I continually struggle to be disciplined and am always glad when I succeed. However have just spent a week with family staying in FRance and the best laid plans seemed to evaporate.

  7. I have called it the dreaded "D" word. However, my fav motto has always been, "if it's the easiest then it is most often not your best."

  8. Discipline is the biggest sign of maturity and I like to think of it as being kind to yourself. If you are disciplined to moderation, for instance, you automatically take better care of yourself. I love the photo you chose for this post!

  9. I love your posts, and I love your NZ vocabulary. "House is a tip," is being added to my conversations from now on (although hopefully because my house isn't!) Discipline definitely takes some planning and foresight, and having a great goal in mind of what you will accomplish by staying the course is so helpful.

  10. Mending is something I put off and feel like I've scaled Everest when it is done!


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