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How to look taller and slimmer

Once upon a time I had another blog called La Vie En Fifi. It started out as a place to keep my family up to date, and then somehow, somehow, my inner French girl started taking over. I decided to stop writing on that blog, and create a new one where she could reign supreme.

There were a few posts I thought would go quite nicely here, so I'm going to repost them over the next few weeks. If you used to read La Vie En Fifi you may remember some of them.


How to look taller and slimmer
Originally posted on La Vie En Fifi, 4 September 2009

I have been working on my posture lately. There seems to be nothing more instantly beautifying. From slumping in a chair to sitting up straight with my shoulders pulled back surely must be nicer for my husband to look at (and he has commented on my good posture in the past so men must notice such things).

Rather than telling myself 'sit up', it's far easier to imagine an invisible thread attached to the top of my head, pulling myself up. I think this is the best piece of advice I have ever read.

I imagine the invisible string when I am sitting at the computer, getting up from the sofa, out walking, standing at work. It works every time. Having better posture is much more effortless this way, and really, why should it be? The power of the mind is incredible.

Another thing I do which is semi-related: when getting up or sitting down - I don't use my hands. It strengthens better muscles than your arms (like your abs) and you look more elegant than hoisting yourself up to standing position, or schlumping down.

Image of the divinely postured Aerin Lauder from


  1. What a beautiful post, Fiona. Maintaining good posture not only helps a person look better, but feel better, too. Somehow all of those little aches that occur with age are going away once I started working on my posture. Plus, it's a good mental boost, too. Thanks for the post. Cynthia

  2. Good post. I realized as I was reading that I was slouching at my computer and I immediately sat up straight! Thanks for the obviously well needed reminder!


  3. So true!! I would love a follow-up to this on how to help prevent the slumping we end up doing when on the computer (or the strange neck projection that also results) or driving. I'm worried about what we're all going to be looking like if we don't try to strengthen our back muscles and work on preventing future postural kyphosis.

  4. It is really extra silly, but my horseback riding coach used to tell us to remember the Wonder Bra! Lift and separate!
    Lift and separate, push our shoulders together, and your posture will magically improve!

    I adore your blog. :)


  5. Excellent advice! I am always reminding myself to sit up straight, as I am at a computer all day long! Happy May to you! xxoo :)

  6. In an effort to never look taller than I already am (6'2") I used to slouch. It didn't help that all of my friends are shorter than I am, some by a foot or more. I would have to lean downward to converse with them and I always felt awkward in their presence. It became a habit - a hard habit to break.
    What I didn't realize is that by slouching, I only made myself look more awkward and somehow more giant-like.
    I catch myself slouching every so often and always correct it when I do.
    Thank you for the reminder and the string tip.

  7. This is terrific…posture really is important. Good posture is attractive, it imparts a feeling of confidence, it shows grace. Great post!

  8. What a great reminder!
    I can visualize that string so I will be thinking of that now when I catch myself slouching!



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