Friday, March 1, 2024

My newest interview, and teddy bear handcrafts

 Hello chic friends,

I'm thrilled to share my latest interview with you, available now on YouTube or you can watch it below :)

The delightful Daniela Acitelli interviewed me and we had such a fun hour chatting.

I had a fabulous time with her – she is a great interviewer. I hope you enjoy it too!


We had a bright moon last Saturday night, with ribbon-like clouds adding to the beauty.

Plus, fairy lights in the trees of course. I love restocking at Christmas and enjoying them all year round.

Such a magical evening view it was!

I like nothing better than a Saturday night at home, just the two of us with a lovely dinner and wine to go with it.

And jazz on the stereo too. Bliss ❤️


I love doing little handcrafty projects but don't often have the opportunity.

My Aunty's childhood bear Edward (who is more than seventy years old) needed teddy bear surgery after their miniature dachshund puppy savaged Edward's face...

It was such a fun project, and even though he looks different than he did, he now has a sweet face again.

You can see through the photos how he progressed from all his stuffing hanging out, to a stitched up face, to a new facelift.

I googled 'how to stitch a teddy bear nose, and other equally cute phrases. He also needed an ear and one paw mended ❤️

I like to use what I have so the fabric, and button eyes were in my small stash of bits and pieces.

I knitted his jersey back in the eighties from leftover yarn that I'd made my own bat-wing 'house jersey' from. It's such fun to use what you have.

Handcrafts bring happy memories!


(Edward is quite bare as my Aunty plucked him as a child 😂)

And he is so old and fragile that you have to support his neck like a newborn 😭

I hope you enjoyed Edward's story today!

Do you have an old toy? I have 'Susie Doll' from the early 1970s. And my Daisy doll from a little later, maybe the early eighties.

xx Fiona


  1. How sweet of you to repair the teddy bear. Almost all of my childhood toys have been lost to the ages, but I still have my Raggedy Ann doll circa 1963.

  2. I really enjoyed the YouTube interview, Fiona!

  3. Your bear brought back so many memories of my childhood bear who finally disintegrated 🥲. I do have my baby doll doll still. When my dad was stationed overseas, whoever packed her put some thing heavy on her face and she always had a dent on her nose. Just made me love her more!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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