Saturday, February 24, 2024

Creating your own personal style and being a chic success

Micky and me ❤️
Ready to go out for lunch, except Micky stayed home šŸ˜Š

Hello chic friends!

As you can see, I’m still loving my soft-bright shades paired with denim.

Colour just makes me feel so happy!

I think it’s important to go with what your heart chooses for you, regardless of trends.

I love the monochromatic neutrals look, and black with cream in outfits on other people, but for everyday wear for myself I’m drawn to colour.

It makes me feel feminine, pretty, and sparkly ✨✨

Sometimes all it takes is one new piece in a colour, style or texture that rings your bell to inject a little freshness into your personal style and lead you in a new direction.
If you’d like a little inspiration to cultivate your best personal style, go and read the free sample of my book ‘The Chic Closet: Inspired ideas to develop your personal style, fall in love with your wardrobe, and bring back the joy of dressing yourself’.

It’s available in paperback and on Kindle here on Amazon.

And the eBook is available in my eStore here for an Amazon alternative.

For a book all about style, there are no pictures! I want you to create a dreamy vision for yourself rather than be distracted by images that might not be your thing. I promise it works!
❤️ My sweet Nina cat ❤️

Nina has been a total superstar about wearing this cute little collar after I found a small injury in her 'armpit' that I think she must have done on a tree branch or something outside. At 13 1/2 she is still a very active outdoor girl!

She had a vet appointment this week and is now feeling much better with antibiotics and painkillers from being all stitched up.

She seems to have taken everything in her stride and was busy eating after we got home, and even let me give her her medicine.

Then straight back to grooming, what she could reach anyway šŸ˜Š

She really lives up to her nickname of Kitten how she is so resilient and just gets on with things. Not much stands in her way of living a good cat life!

So please keep Nina in your thoughts as she wears her collar and takes her medicine for the next week or so.

I just think she looks so pretty in her lovely collar šŸ„° My little tuxedo girl šŸ„°


And to finish, I have a reminder for you today: you don't need to hustle hard or exhaust yourself in order to feel like a 'chic success.

Being a chic success is all about approaching life satisfaction from the feminine perspective, where you take into account enjoyment, softness, having fun, and doing the things you love.

And being this way can be compatible with building financial and career success, in my opinion!

For some of us, there is no other way to be. We just end up making ourselves miserable if we even try (I know, I have).

If you are curious about a different - gentler - style of goal-setting and creating success in all areas of your life, treat yourself to a copy of '100 Ways to be a Chic Success and Create Your Dream Life' on Kindle or in paperback.

It's a petite easy-to-read book jam-packed with inspiration and ideas to help you become wealthier not just financially, but emotionally, socially, and happiness-wise too.

According to my readers (via reviews on Amazon šŸ˜ - thank you!):

'I have read quite a few of her books and this one is my favorite so far. Her suggestions are so on point and proceed in a logical order. By the time I finished I was convinced that I could create my dream life.'

'Like a best friend who cheers you on. I’ve read most of Fiona’s books. This one feels particularly special. Reading it is like having a lovely brunch with a good friend. The book is full of warmth and positivity and gave me a bunch of ideas about how to reimagine the way I live my day-to-day life.'

'I love this book. Fiona is like my cheerleader. She gives me the hopes and desires to be a chic success.. I plan on reading this book again it is worth keeping. It is a valuable book in my library. Which I will take down from shelves many more times. Thank you, Fiona.'

All reviews are welcomed and appreciated, so if you have taken the time to write a review or even just do the stars thing, thank you!
Wishing you a fab weekend and that all your pets are safe and well!

xx Fiona



(My Amazon links are affiliate, which means I may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases at no extra cost to you. I’m grateful if you use my links!)


  1. Lovely post Fiona, I do think sometimes people put too much emphasis on success being career or financial related which is great if that’s something someone wants to pursue! However I think we tend to forget the biggest success in life and that’s happiness ☺️

  2. Sometimes I’m sad that I’ve bought all your books. Why? Because when you recommend them I can’t buy them again, smile! You look so relaxed and comfortable heading out for lunch! Beautiful!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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