Saturday, March 23, 2024

Autumn in New Zealand, and relaxing crafts

Hello from sunny, autumnal Hawke's Bay!
I am making the most of wearing my summer sandals on the warmer days, but we have also lit the fire some evenings as well. It’s winter one day and summer the next!

Autumn is a nice time of year for linen and I am drawn to it right now. This yellow blouse is linen, and I also have a couple of white linen shirts that feel lovely on. The fabric is slightly heavier than for true summer temperatures and linen feels cozy and snuggly in a lightweight way.

How is your change-of-season wardrobe switch going? I always leave it too late and only do it when I can’t find any suitable clothes. Maybe this year I can be more intentional about it? I’ve made a good start :)

Ladies lunch at my mum's this week 🍃



For ages I've been collecting pretty cards, stickers, and stylish postage stamps in a small box, planning to make my own greeting cards from them one day.

Well this one is the first I’ve made, for my Aunty's birthday last month. I love the colours and the cats and the French stamp.

Such fun! It’s great finding crafty projects that are actually useful (as useful as a greeting card can be!)

Doing things like this are all part of living (and loving) my epic small life. They are satisfying and you get something lovely at the end.

Pottering away on something like this doesn’t take much time (I always have the looming spectre of something being ‘a waste of time’ if it takes me too long :) and it’s fun too. Something you can do with your inner child.

Tell me something you like to do ‘just for fun’ but that produces a good result too. I’d love some more ideas to add to my ‘play’ list.

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Happy weekend to you, chic friend!

xx Fiona

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  1. In England we don't really have a Change of Season wardrobe, we have a big coat and boots for the winter and sandals for summer, everything else can be worn year round! (We also have a suitcase of holiday clothes in the attic!)

  2. Another English person here. Yes heavy coat and boots for Winter and a couple of pairs of sandals for summer.
    However, I do change my wardrobe over twice a year. Out of season goes into a chest of drawers.
    End of March now and it is still cold - come on Spring, hurry up - I have pretty clothes waitng to be worn.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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