Thursday, April 28, 2022

My birthday handbag

Hello chic friend!
So, I was doing things in the kitchen the other day when I turned around to see this... it was only just gone half-past-three but the dinner queue had already started forming!

From front to back: Nina, Jessica, Daphne. Chloe dog wasn't there yet, or perhaps she was through the doorway behind Daphne.
My phone was handy on the kitchen counter so I was lucky enough to get a photo, I couldn't have planned this if I tried, you know the saying about herding cats!

This is the bag I bought for my fiftieth birthday 18 months ago. Paul and I had such a fun time choosing it. We went to the Louis Vuitton store in Auckland on a weekend trip before my birthday, and I had in mind what I wanted with a few styles narrowed down from browsing their website.

I wanted a style that could be casual or dressy, day or night. The touch of black means I can wear this bag with black, and the brown check lends it to other colours too, it softens it. If the bag was all black I don’t think it would go with my wardrobe as much. It has a long gold chain handle that can pull through to be long and single so the bag sits on my hip (or crossbody), or doubled up to be a shoulder bag tucked under my arm. I preferred the check to the LV logo print.

In the Auckland store they have an embossing machine, so I now have a gold 'FF' monogrammed inside - such fun!

The lady also served us a glass of champagne (Veuve Cliquot I think) while we chose, and another while we waited for the embossing. I could get used to shopping like this :)

I am still very happy with my purchase and even though it's been used regularly (not daily, but regularly), it's still in perfect condition. I can see this bag staying nice for a long, long time.

So that's my show and tell for today. I don't usually 'do' birthday presents. Since Paul and I have our birthday on the same day we buy something for the house or go out for a nice dinner.

But a fiftieth is different, right? Paul's was the following year, in 2021, and he got a nice watch that he has coveted since I've known him.

It was so nice to mark the occasion, and I am very appreciative that I got to choose such a lovely bag. It's the Vavin PM style if you are a bag geek and want to know!

Tell me about a lovely birthday present you've received, it doesn't have to be current day, just one that really meant a lot to you.

And I received a nice surprise this week: two no. 1 bestsellers at the same time - what a dream!

Thank you so much to you for reading - and reviewing - my books.

A lovely reader emailed me after finishing '100 Ways to Live a Luxurious Life on a Budget' and said:

I loved the book! I have already put a few ideas in practice… for example, when I'm getting ready for work in the morning (at 4:30 AM!!!!!!) I enjoy the process, pampering myself and taking time with my shower and make up… like the rich lady that I am! ;-) (It REALLY does change one's attitude.)

Hearing feedback like this makes me so happy!

It's 8am here and I have had my breakfast and am just about to jump in the shower, so I will pamper myself rich-lady style too. I have a little tube of Estee Lauder 'Pleasures' shower gel that I never remembered to take in my travel bag, so I am indulging each day with that. When the alternative is to leave it in the bathroom cabinet forever and wait until it has lost its scent!

Please tell me how you are going to pamper yourself like a rich lady today, big or small, all ways are fabulous and welcomed.

xx Fiona
PS. You can find my two latest books above and all my other titles at my affiliate link here on Amazon.


  1. I think the photo of the cats and dog(s) is hilarious, lol.

    Not a birthday gift but many years ago, after being a stay at home mom for a long time, I went to school, got a degree and got my first job I bought a big old fancy antique dresser and paid for it in increments over several months. I've never ever regretted it, still have it and love it as much as I did the first time I saw it.

    1. Hi Terri, that's such a lovely story! Thank you for your comment, I remember avidly reading your Penny Ann Poundwise blog so long ago! xx

  2. Enjoyed the handbag tale. A few years ago, I worked as a kitchenhand in a huge kitchen with six other ladies. Several of them saved their wages so they could buy Louis Vuitton handbags, valuing the originals far more than the close imitations. They were prepared to do boring dirty work for the reward of feeling pampered and chic in their free time. That feeling, that prima ballerina feeling, is always worth it.

    1. That's a really cool story, thanks for sharing it! I love your thoughts about it too :)

  3. I love Louis Vuitton. I had a classic neverful bag for 16 years and it was still in excellent condition although the inside pocket did have some issues with the lining. Unfortunately, my car was broken into and my louis was stolen. very sad as i don't know if I'll ever have another. But who knows, I do have a birthday in September!!! Enjoy your LV.

  4. When I was young, probably around 7 years old, someone gave me a dainty little bracelet with an encapsulated tiny mustard seed. I loved that bracelet so much.

    1. My Mother gave my sister and I a Mustard seed bracelet when we were young. I loved it ❤️


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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