Thursday, April 7, 2022

Thank YOU, and a very naughty cat!

Hello everyone!

I am still riding the high of releasing a new book.

Thank you to YOU for making it a no. 1 bestseller and no. 1 in all the charts it was in. And if you wrote a review, I am grateful for that too. I couldn't be happier with this book's debut, and I truly hope you are enjoying it.

Here are a few of the early reviews that tickled my fancy:

‘Running Mom’
‘It’s a good reminder that a luxurious life starts with a mindset, not a credit card.’

So true, Running Mom, and I wish I had thought of that sentence! It would make a fabulous subtitle :)

‘This makes you feel better about all those people (especially teachers) who complained about your daydreaming. I am 75 and my daydreaming has fueled a truly wonderful life.’

Julie’s review gives such validation for being a daydreamer, thank you Julie from all us daydreamers!

You can find the book on Kindle and in petite print here on Amazon.

This week I have lots of writing planned, a family lunch, and, grocery shopping. It's all glamour around here, I tell you.

I am so pumped about my next book, I hope to have it out this month. It helps when it was almost completely written before I started '100 Ways to Live a Luxurious Life on a Budget'. But I just needed to let it sit and marinate for a bit.

Now that I'm doing edits and read-throughs I love it! Yay! When something is better than you remembered it is SUCH a good feeling, lol.

Our Jessica cat has become naughtier as she's gotten older. I think she's decided that she's NOT going to be a people pleaser anymore. As if cats ever were!

So anyway, I came into the living room to be greeted with this... thankfully the tealight was not lit. But I did have to pick up all the coffee beans that the candle was sitting in.

I mean really, what was the point? And she would have had to reach right up onto the coffee table to hook the whole thing down.

Thanks Jessica…

As you can see from the holly detail on the candle holder, this was at Christmas time, I just hadn't shared the 'joy' with you yet :)

Do you have naughty pets? Tell me your best story!

Wishing you a grand rest of the week and thanks again for welcoming my newest little book with such love!

xx Fiona
PS. You can find my newest book '100 Ways to Live a Luxurious Life on a Budget' here!


  1. Congrats on the book's success! It was such a hit! I wish we all could stand by our mishaps the way your cat did in that picture. She almost looked proud. I've got my hands full with inspired actions from the current book, and I'm looking forward to the next one!

  2. Hi Fiona! I have ordered your book and am waiting impatiently every day for it to arrive from Amazon. Congratulations on your success! Jessica looks so imperious and unapologetic sitting beside the wreckage. 😁 😄


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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