Wednesday, April 20, 2022

New book out today!

Hello everyone,
I am so excited to release my new book! Eeek!

I got the idea for it while reading reviews of a self-development book on Amazon last year. Someone who had read the book said something like, 'If this is what it takes to live an epic life, count me out. It sounds exhausting!'

This little phrase made me think of writing about what an epic SMALL life would look like. For those of us who love peace and calm, a happy home life, and doing things on a cozy scale vs the stereotypical jet-set-south-of-france-yacht-private-plane-travel-go-big-or-go-home kind of life.

If you enjoy my writing I think you will enjoy this book too!

‘Loving Your Epic Small Life’ is available now at my Amazon affiliate link in Kindle eBook format and paperback print as well.

Don't you just love the cover lady? I knew she was perfect for this book when I saw her. It's like she is saying, 'Yes, dahling, I know I'm fabulous. I'm adoring my epic small life don't you know.'

I think we could all take inspiration from her and put our big sunhat on too. And own that we love our epic small life!

For those of you who prefer a different place to get your books than Amazon, the eBook is available in my eStore here too:

Thanks so much for reading my books! I really hope you love this one too!

I wanted to show you my favourite fashion 'uniform' style and colours. The photo taken above was when my husband Paul and I were being tourists in our own town by doing a bit of wine tasting recently.

Over the past few years I have been drawn more to brighter colours to wear near my face, and I pair these with a neutral bottom-half.

So, in this outfit I have a pink top with soft and comfortable stretch skinny jeans in blue.

In my wardrobe I currently have:

Tops -
Emerald green

Blue denim

The cool thing is that all my tops and bottoms are interchangeable. Everything goes with everything else!

'Soft-bright' is my preferred tone for tops. My colouring is muted, so clear bright would overwhelm my look.

Sometimes I tuck my top in, sometimes I don't. Sometimes I wear flat shoes, sometimes heels. Sometimes I wear a blazer too.

Another change I have made is going from buttoned, tailored blouses or shirts to the boho looking top which still feels dressy because it's woven fabric rather than knit, but is more feminine. It just feels more like me.

As the seasons pass my style will evolve with what I bring into my wardrobe, but I really love where I am now. It feels like I'm in the sweet spot!

Tell me about your happy place when it comes to getting dressed - when do you feel most like you?

For more wardrobe inspiration, see my book ‘The Chic Closet’ here on Amazon.

I love making a nice little setting for my lunch when dining alone. In this lunch I have a leftover portion of casserole, a 'small' (oops!) dollop of sour cream, yummy side salad and a sliced pear for afters.

Add a book and some soft instrumental music and I'm in heaven!

I am such a leftovers fan. Even if there is a tiny amount of something left, like the casserole, I can make a lunch out of it. And once I've had everything, I am full so it doesn't matter if the main part is small. I always try to have protein and fat too, both help sustain a body through to the next meal.

I hope you are having a wonderful week and that you enjoy my new book! I know, two books within a month, I almost can't believe it myself. Of course it helps that one was almost completely written beforehand but I just hadn't edited it.

See you soon and happy reading!

xx Fiona


  1. Thanks for sharing about your new book! I can't wait to read it. I love your style and have a style that's similar. Right now my go to uniform is a flowy top of some sort and slim legged pants. I wear sandals, flats, wedges and slip on athletic shoes depending on how I'm dressed. This style works for me and my body type and I always leave home feeling confident, put together and comfortable. One thing I can never sacrifice for style is comfort. Happy day to you!

  2. OK Miss Fee! I am doing a test comment to see if it comes through! I will try all 3 methods! Nan - now trying Anonymous !


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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