Thursday, May 5, 2022

Italian chic, and how to be chic in the summer

Hello chic friends!

One of my lovely blog readers left this fabulous comment on my recent 'Italian Chic Inspiration' post.

“I lived in Italy and agree Italian style is somewhat sexy. Things we noticed living in Milan, Italians always fasten up their overcoat if they are wearing one. The always dress up even to go to the supermarket, this may still be jeans but they will not be the dirty ones they wore to clean the apartment, full makeup will be worn too. Makeup is often very heavy, I don't know how they put up with it in the summer heat.

Italians do not drink cappuccino after 11am and never ever after dinner. They always carry a scarf in their handbag in-case of draughts, draughts are considered to cause all manner of illnesses.

Italians do not readily follow laws such as the speed limit but they will follow social rules to the letter, swimming after lunch, never! They care very much about how they appear to the outside world but are not above buying knock offs to wear at the beach in summer, if everyone is wearing a particular watch on the beach in San Remo you can be sure it is being sold by the hawkers around town.

It's fun to try out new style and Italians are chic, you just need to know the rules.”

Isn't that fun? Thank you so much Elizabeth for leaving that comment. I love it!

And if you have anything to add about Italian style or perhaps you are Italian, please feel free to share :)

So, my next book is well underway, and by popular request it is called 'How to be Chic in the Summer'. So many of you have written and asked for it!

I thought now was the perfect time since we recently finished summer in New Zealand, and you in the northern hemisphere are going into summer soon.

I have a favour to ask: what is your biggest dilemma when it comes to summer? Dressing? Food? Keeping cool? Please tell me all your problems, lol!

And let me know what you want me to include in the book too, specifics welcomed. I'd love to encompass as much as possible.

I'm having fun writing it and can't wait to include as many of your suggestions as possible and brainstorm chic solutions to your problematic areas.

Thank you in advance! Such fun to have a collaborative book!
When I dine solo (this photo was at lunchtime), I like to have something sweet with a coffee afterwards.

Usually I'll have a few squares of dark chocolate, but here it's a healthy cookie. The recipe was average so I won't make them again (they were a bit 'too healthy' if you know what I mean), but I didn't throw them out. I don't like to waste things unless they are actually inedible 😊

Do you have a healthy sweet treat recipe to share? I'd love to hear
about it if so!

xx Fiona

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  1. How to stay cool is my biggest summer problem. Any advice appreciated!!!

  2. It’s hard for me to feel “put together” in the summer. In the other seasons I wear layers which I feel adds to my style and it’s too hot for that. I don’t like wearing shorts anymore and pants are too hot. Cute, casual dresses that fit my petite frame are hard to find, as most styles are “midi” or have too much volume. I’m traveling to Italy this summer and will be looking for inspiration!

  3. Fiona, I just purchased, and am reading, your book, “The Chic Closet” and I’m loving it! You are giving me so many great ideas. I have your, “How to be Chic in Winter” as well, and will look forward to the summer edition. My biggest dilemma in summer is looking, feeling and smelling fresh in all the heat and humidity.
    P.S. Your roses are magnificent!

  4. Heat! Staying cool but still chic! Loved the Italian comment.

  5. Would appreciate your insights on keeping our lovely skin protected from the rays of the sun, while being stylishly chic in summer ensembles. I concur with the above comment regarding feeling more “put together” in the luxe layers of winter.

  6. Thank you so much ladies, I so appreciate your questions!

  7. Hats that are stylish - to keep the sun off your face. So many hats are not big enough

  8. Yey! I love your ‘How to be chic in Winter’ book, would love a summer version. I have a casual style and tend to wear jeans and a nice top, moving on to cropped jeans in the summer. But when it’s too hot for jeans I struggle, it’s hard to find dresses that don’t feel too ‘dressed up’. Also, finding the motivation for house keeping when it’s hot would be great!

  9. I second the comment about hats; it is so frustrating that so many women's hats are "one size fits all" I have a large head. Also, now that it is hard to find body powder (thanks to women who did not heed the label warnings, "for external use only") I'd love to find sources/ solutions for dealing with sticky humidity.

  10. Yes to all the requests above! Hair, clothes, skin - keeping it all neat and tidy and 'polished' when it's 30+ (which it has already been here this week in Ontario, Canada - in early May!)

    Re 'healthy treats' - do you know this website ? It's actually a New Zealand site so you may already be familiar, but tons of very yum recipes - including many gluten free treats.

  11. My biggest issue is how to dress in the summer without doing the same old boring tee/tank and shorts.


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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