Friday, December 18, 2020

Day 4: A Week of Christmas Self-Care

 Day 4: A Week of Christmas Self-Care
~ Give yourself grace ~

December is crunch time for many of us.  There ends up being too many things to do for the space of time left before Christmas day.  And we all want everything to be finished and perfect before Christmas day!  Every year!

I wanted to release my next book this month.  And it’s not ready.  Plus I have expanded on what I want it to be.  So I decided to let my December goal release, and immediately felt less pressure on myself.  I can now relax and enjoy the holiday season, and happily publish my book in the new year.

My new book is ‘Thirty Chic Days, Vol. 3’, and I have written 23 chapters so far with another couple in progress.  Almost there!  The third volume is focused on having a happy relationship, staying youthful, being your best self, and having a ton of fun at the same time.  And I’m having a great time writing it!  (Plus I can’t wait for you to read it 😊)

What have you promised yourself you would complete before Christmas that is really stressing you out?  Or what multiple things???  Ask yourself what is the worst that could happen if you put them aside until the new year, or perhaps only partially completed them this month.  We don’t need to be all or nothing!  I am not releasing my book this month, but I am still writing towards it here and there.

Take the pressure off.  Enjoy the holiday season, because it comes and goes so quickly.  Feel festive in your mind and relax your mind.  Spread love and peace by your demeanour.

And if you are curious about how I write my books, you might like to browse ‘The Chic Author’, where I let you in on everything I know about writing and self-publishing my books and how you can do the same.  You also don’t have to have an author dream to gain inspiration from this book either.  I talk a lot about my success practices which could easily apply to anyone’s daily life 😊

See you tomorrow for Day 5!

xx Fiona

PS.  Please share this series with your friends!  Anyone who needs some peace and tranquility right now! #chicselfcare


  1. Oh good! I look forward to your new book! Sounds like it will be timely for me as I could use some relationship pointers, especially for getting through pandemic together. ~~MJ~~

  2. Please consider that using the expression “ staying youthful” has some ageist connotations.. How about staying interested, living with enthusiasm and finding meaning? These are qualities that many young people struggle toward, yet are often what is meant when people refer to youthfulness.

    1. Thanks Suse, I will keep that in mind. For me, youthfulness is a state of mind - being flexible, interested, curious, open to new things, spontaneous etc. I am certainly not ageist, and at 50 am not a 20 year old myself. I'll have a think about it :)

    2. Oh please, Suse55, don't bring PC nonsense into Fiona's beautiful blog. I'm 73, so I have the credentials to tell you that 'staying youthful' is NOT ageist. It's a lovely way of saying "take care of yourself with fresh healthy food, exercise, sunshine, social life with friends & family, fun, attractive wardrobe and a bit of makeup to enhance one's features. Have a 'youthful' mindset and be young at heart as long as you can. That's what Fiona is saying and she says it beautifully and she answered you beautifully and respectfully I might add. Please, Fiona, don't let people like Suse55 deter you from your quest - you don't need to change what you said and I beg you not to. Stand up against the pc crowd. There will always be critical pc people like Suse55 around trying to foist their opinions and correction on everybody else. The 16th American President quoting poet, John Lydgate, said: "You can please some of the people all of the time, you can please all of the people some of the time, but you can't please all of the people all of the time." You please me and a lot of others, Fiona. Keep on keepin' on!!! Nuff said.

    3. Thank you for your thoughts, Cynthia-Claire. I appreciate another point of view and love your 'staying youthful' manifesto:

      "Take care of yourself with fresh healthy food, exercise, sunshine, social life with friends & family, fun, attractive wardrobe and a bit of makeup to enhance one's features. Have a 'youthful' mindset and be young at heart as long as you can."

      It's perfect :)

    4. Thank you very much, Fiona. I forgot to name our 16th American President: Abraham Lincoln, one of the more famous. Cheers!


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