Thursday, December 17, 2020

Day 3: A Week of Christmas Self-Care

Day 3: A Week of Christmas Self-Care
~ Do what soothes you ~

The holiday season is the time of year you want to enjoy most, yet it’s also the busiest and most stressful.  Aside from all the organization that Christmas entails, there are all the loose ends that need tidying up before the end of the year.

Something that always gets out of control for me, but paradoxically is the thing that calms me down the most, is being tidy and organized.  I often ignore a messy area because I tell myself I don’t have time and I’ll get to it ‘later’, and it almost feels as if I am being decadent and utterly frivolous for considering spending time tidying!

So for me, it would be tidying and organizing.  I have quite a few areas that are bothering me at the moment – my wardrobe, writing desk, candle cupboard and sewing room.  Yes I have a candle cupboard…

I’m not going to make everything show-home perfect before Christmas, but giving myself half an hour here and there to do a little bit will make a huge difference to both how the space looks and functions, and how much calmer I feel.  I spent 30 minutes in my wardrobe today, and similar in my sewing room.  Plus I took a box of donations to the charity store.  I feel the weight on my shoulders lifting slowly :)

I know it sounds strange to say that tidying up soothes me, but it does.  (I promise you it’s not a humble-brag).

It might be something else for you, maybe something completely different such as reading a book.  I always take time to read a book, mostly five minutes before I go to sleep which doesn’t sound that luxurious, so perhaps I have to find a bigger spot.  It certainly beats scrolling Twitter for worthiness, and I always seem to find time for that!

Perhaps yours are baking, yoga, or knitting.  Find out what your soothing activities are, and make sure you do them more.

See you for Day 4 tomorrow.

xx Fiona


  1. I’m with you Fiona, every time I pass by a messy spot in my apartment it makes me feel things are out of control. Five minutes work often clears it up or makes a big dent, and a more peaceful environment.

  2. As for deliberate time for reading, I too was a five-minutes-before-bed reader until recently, when I decided to make a specific hour of the early evening reading time. It’s made such a difference to my day, and I feel more “me” now, if that makes sense.

  3. I'm having the opposite stress this year - gift baking is done and ready to be handed over curbside, gifts are wrapped (purchased through Amazon instead of in person and delivered by Amazon instead of being placed lovingly under the tree for Christmas day opening.) Christmas dinner will be zoomed and may or may not be the same meal eaten by everybody. I really miss my peeps and would love to have the cozy, busy, cluttered, chaotic Christmas that you're talking about. Note to self, never complain again. xo karen


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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