Tuesday, December 15, 2020

Day 1: A Week of Christmas Self-Care


Day 1: A Week of Christmas Self-Care
~ Gather your favourite treats ~

The holiday season isn’t just about one day.  Surround myself with your favourite festive treats throughout December as you get all your jobs done.  Yours might look different, but for me I love:

:: Christmas trees ::

I put my tree up at the end of November, in the entrance way.  It looks so lovely when you come in the front door, but I also wanted something Christmassy in the main living room – et voila, I now have a second tree.  I never saw myself as a multi-tree person, but there you go – we can always surprise ourselves.

While I was shopping for my second tree online, I saw a smaller version of the same pre-lit fibre optic tree.  It was très inexpensive, so I bought it too, to put on the kitchen counter.  It looks very pretty in the kitchen/family room area!

[Lest you think I am someone running amok buying cheap Christmas plastic, please let me assure you that I consider purchases very carefully, and from many angles.  There is the green angle (covered, since I plan to use this tree for years, and even if the lights don’t work one day, I can still decorate and enjoy it), the money angle (does it provide value for me, yes), and the clutter/storage angle (will it become clutter to me and also do I have a good way to store it (no it won’t, and yes, I have kept the tall skinny box to put it in the garage after Christmas is over). Phew!]

:: Christmas drinks ::

I am totally besotted by the Starbucks Christmas cup campaign.  They look so cheery decorated in red.  We have a Starbucks in the town where I live, however it isn’t very inspiring…  But I do have my own ceramic Starbucks mug picked up (looking brand new) from a thrift store.  I love it so much!  So I shall have my Twinings Lemon Scented or English Breakfast tea from my own Starbucks Christmas cup at home.

::  Christmas music ::

I have found a fab new playlist on Spotify called ‘Christmas Cocktail Jazz’ which feels very elegant and cosmopolitan, and I also love the YouTube instrumental playlists on channels such as Relax Music or Café BGM Music.  This one here is lovely.

In my book ‘Thirty Chic Days’, there is a chapter called ‘Create and guard your secret garden’.  Make your favourite Christmas treats part of your secret garden.  (‘Thirty Chic Days’ is available here at my affiliate link on Amazon).

Whatever your Christmas treats are, enjoy them as often as possible to keep the holiday feeling humming along, even if you are knee-deep in end of year admin!

See you tomorrow with Day 2 :)

xx Fiona

PS.  If you know anyone who could use more poise, calm and tranquility right now, share this series with them too!  Please tag me and use the hashtag #chicselfcare


  1. I love all Christmas music and keep it on until Epiphany (Jan 6th) as we celebrate all 12 days of Christmas.

  2. Just lovely, Fiona! I'm having a champagne aperetif most nights and thoroughly enjoying them! They come in little individual bottles so am not OVER indulging :) Have also been enjoying peppermint bath salts and the BGM music channel! Thanks for suggesting that one!


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