Saturday, July 9, 2016

All four series: 30 Chic Days

It was requested that I link to the first day of each of my 30 Chic Days series (I've done four so far), so it's easy to find them to read through.  I thought that was such a great idea, so here they are.  I hope you have fun reading through my 'vintage' 30 Chic Days Series.

30 Chic Days - Series 1:

This series is similar to my new book Thirty Chic Days: Practical inspiration for a beautiful life, in that it is 30 mini-essays dedicated to a small action or change that will bring about a more chic way of living.

Read Series 1, with Day 1 here; you can then click on Next Post underneath the comments, to go to Day 2, and Day 3 etc.

30 Chic Days - Series 2:

For the second 30 Chic Days series, I chose to keep uppermost in my mind the way I wished to live, focusing on all the small things I could do each day to lead me towards my goal of living a more chic, healthy and elegant life.

You can start Series 2, with Day 1 here.

30 Chic Days - Series 3:

The third series is similar to the first series, with each day being an easy chic tip or different way of thinking.

You can start Series 3 here.

Which leads us up to the most recent fourth series which we've just completed.

30 Chic Days - Series 4:

Series 4 started off with me detailing my day - what I ate, what I wore, any exercise completed etc, and then changed into a daily topic, as I very quickly ran out of different outfits and meal ideas, because... well, I like to keep my life simple.  It's funny that I didn't have enough to fill 30 days, but there you go, the 'chic minimal' way of life!

You can start Series 4, with Day 1 here.

I hope you enjoy going through these series, and if you are inspired to start your own 30 Chic Days Series, you can do so at any time and in whichever way you desire.  There are no rules or regulations; the most important thing is to make it fun and exciting, that way it will be a pleasure and not a chore.

If you do start your own series, please leave a comment under this post so we can all enjoy your chic posts!


  1. Thank you, Fiona! I was in a bit of a funk with the ending of your most recent 30 day series, along with nearing the end of your new book. I've actually been rationing myself with the book for the last several days, trying to stretch it out. Definitely fighting off Fiona withdrawal symptoms! So thank you for the links to the three previous 30-day series. Happiness restored!

    Also, a note to Margaret: "tickled pink" is an expression I grew up with here in the South (USA). I always think of my grandmother using that phrase, and she was born in the late 1800s. I have a feeling that younger folks don't really use that expression, however. Also, thanks for mentioning how much you like The Perfume Collector. I feel sure if you like it, so will I and I'm off to order it!

  2. You're very welcome, Gail!

    I've read The Perfume Collector and loved it. I wrote down a number of quotes from the book and can still remember the story well - you know how some books just stick with you because they are so richly drawn? The Perfume Collector is one of those rarities - enjoy!

  3. Thank you for these links. I'm glad to have more reading material on this topic (:

  4. Have fun, Wool Fairy!

    Erina, thanks so much for your lovely comment :)

  5. Just looking in on Saturday evening here in the UK and I'm now 'tickled pink' again (thank you Gail R for mentioning this) that Fiona has loved The Perfume Collector (the book) as much as I have. I don't want to press books onto people who read Fiona's lovely blog, but when I have read something really good (well, good in my opinion) I can't help but want to share this with others. And so another short series of books I feel that we friends (for that is how I think of us) who meet here on Fiona's blog would enjoy are those by English novelist, Jane Thynne. She has a series of books about a young half English/half German actress, Clara Vine. The books are set mainly in pre-war Berlin and they come to you highly recommended.
    I really do think I will have to have my own blog as Fiona and so many of you who meet here have suggested this. I now have to investigate how I can set this up (maybe I will get my computer man to assist me). I have no idea what I would "blog" about, but I'd beet that hurdle when I came to it!
    And yes, I would like to thank Fiona for 30 days of lovely posts.
    Margaret P

  6. Thanks Fiona! I've become a fan with this series of posts, and I appreciate you linking to the old ones.

    I shared this with my readers today. Looking forward to reading your book, just waiting for an Amazon gift card to come my way first. (Frugality is tres francais!)

  7. Margaret, thank you for the recommendation of author Jane Thynne, and I'm very much looking forward to reading your blog :)

    Carrie, merci! And yes, being a wise steward of one's resources is a good (and French I'm sure) trait to have; I'm the same.

  8. thanks for the links, Fiona...& I hope that when you do go blogging, Margaret, that you will let us know, I love how you write. I am still going with 30 chic days, & I too stopped blogging about what I ate, wore, etc, mostly because I thought that my life wasn't quite so interesting. Instead I blogged about a book that I have bought 3 times, over the years, from op shops. "Look Like A Million". I thought that the author, Leslie Field was quite chic. I am spending tonight reading all 4 chic series xxx

  9. Dear Fiona and Swami Ratnamurti Saraswati, and all those who have said they enjoy my comments and my writing! I'm truly overwhelmed by this, and it has encouraged me to say that yes, I will do my best to set up a blog. I need to get in touch with my computer man first, to see if he can help as, as I have said, I want to make it look nice and also have a blog that I can 'work' easily. I write for English magazines and have an antiques column in one of them, which is great fun.
    Thank you, Swami, for mentioning the book Look Like a Million - I will investigate that! I might be older than most readers here on Fiona's lovely blog, but one is never to old to try and make the best of oneself and one's life. I have a friend, another writer who, last April, celebrated her 93rd birthday. And she's still writing and being published! She's not been without health problems, it would be remarkable if she hadn't had any, but her outlook on life means she looks forward still. That, surely is an example to us all.
    But rest assured, when I get a blog set up, I will let Fiona know.
    Margaret P


  10. I have to say I really enjoy the comments. After enjoying Fiona's blog post it's like "oh goodie! There are 30 comments!" This series especially has become like a forum. Margaret P, please do!

  11. Hi Fiona, I've really enjoyed the 30 Chic Days series. I noticed you don't have any links to actual French chic blogs or websites on your Reading/Blog list sidebar. Do you visit any? And if so, which are your favorites?


  12. Hello Fiona, congratulations for your wonderful book 30 days chic, it's really capable of inspiring so many beautiful things . Your simplicity is something valuable, it is a source of joy and elegance.

    A hug from Italy,


  13. Ratnamurti, ooh, that book sounds good. I'm glad I'm not the only one who rebuys books :)

    D, that's a really great question! I don't really think 'is this blog French/French chic or not', I just read what inspires me and makes me feel good. The blogs on my list are the ones I read; I'll add more as I come across them!

    V, why thank you, how lovely of you to say so, and from stylish Italy too :)

  14. Hi Fiona - just wanted to say I bought your book on a whim and loved it. It re-inspired me and made me feel as if I am on the right path. Loved it and now following your blog! Much love from England

    1. Yay, Nicola, thanks so much! Makes me so happy to hear my book is being read and enjoyed in England and other places :)


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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