Sunday, July 3, 2016

{Video} 30 Chic Days – The Fourth Series: Day 26

We're up to day 26 of my 30 Chic Days Series!  Only a few more days to go now.  Today I'm reading Day 3 - Bathe yourself in mystique from my new book.  It was a chilly day here in Auckland since we're into winter proper now, so I had the fire going.  There's nothing like a woodfire burning when it's cold outside and the cats love it too.  I swear, I only have to crumple a piece of newspaper - I haven't even struck a match yet - and Jessica starts ambling over to plonk herself in front of the woodburner.  She's not silly!

I hope that those of you in the northern hemisphere are keeping cool, because I've heard reports from many chic readers that it is warm where they are!  Connie in Apple Valley, California mentioned it was 104 deg F there.  I had to convert this into a language I understand - 40 deg C - that is hot!  My dad's a big fan of hot weather - really, really hot weather, so he'll be extremely envious of that temperature when it's near freezing here in the mornings.

Today's book excerpt is on the topic of mystique - one of my favourite things to practice.  I'm not perfect at it by any means, but I'm getting better all the time; and that's all we can ask of ourselves I think. I hope you enjoy today's video and I'd love to hear if you find mystique easy to come by.

Until tomorrow, wishing you a lovely rest of your weekend!


  1. I really enjoyed your tips on mystique. I can be something of an over sharer, so I am going to try to put some of this into practice. I found your blog from Adrienne's blog, I really like your tips for a chic life.

    Have a great day.


  2. I love your sweet voice tone and NZ accent. I'm still mesmerised by it even after Ch 3!
    The bit on conversation interested me.
    I'm a lazy girl. People fascinate me and I love hearing about them, new or old aquaintances, so it really works to get people talking about themselves (which most love to do and I avoid). All I have to do is listen and ask a few questions along the way. I get to learn about them. I relax because I don't have to do too much. They leave feeling good because I have let them talk. Double, nay (do the maths, PP), triple whammy.
    Hope your Sunday has been cosy with your fire and feline friends. Sunny here, but not 40c, thankfully - you can halve that number for Blighty!!

  3. I think with mystique - and I've yet to listen to your blog, Fiona - although I've read the chapter in your book, one must take some care not to over-do it and then appear secretive. A relative by marriage describes herself as "a very private person", trying to add an air of mystery (which she misses by a mile!), so for "private" in this particular instance, read "secretive." I'm afraid with me, what you see is what you get. I do not try and cultivate an air of mystery/mystique, but I try and be as natural as possible, even though I don't advocate telling everyone everything the first time I meet them! But then I don't try and conceal anything, either. So I'd say, just try and be as natural as possible.
    My goodness, 40C is hot! We are having a very poor summer here in the UK. We haven't had rain since this morning, and then the day brightened up but now (6.15pm, Sunday evening) it's chilly again with grey skies. We used to enjoy summers when we would sit outside of an evening, right until the moon came up, but not any longer.
    Margaret P

  4. Hi Louise, and welcome. I can be an over sharer too so this chapter is definitely a necessity for me :)

    PP, you sound like you've got it all sorted with conversations. Haha, lazy girl. I never thought of it that way!

    Margaret, I know just what you mean, but for me anyway, there's never any danger of being secretive :) I couldn't agree more about being natural and authentic, however some of us (moi) need reining in sometimes!

  5. I can talk for England, Fiona, and I do need reining in sometime! Do I never learn? Also, because over the last 20+ years I've been a writer (I won't say a journalist because that would elevate what I do above and beyond ...) I've been so used to asking questions of people, with either a notepad or Dictaphone to hand, that now it's second nature to ask questions of people I've only just met and then I have to stop myself, saying to myself "you're not in writer mode now, girl!" because it sounds like I'm quizzing them and that might appear rude and ungracious! But its so easy, "Hello, it's lovely to meet you. Tell me, what do you do? Have you lived in your house very
    long? Do you enjoy gardening? What do you think of ... " and off I to into Writer Mode ...
    Right ... bedtime here in the UK, almost 10 pm on Sunday night. Off to do something feminine - reading your lovely book and then splashing some lovely rose-scented cream on my hands, legs and feet.
    Night, night,
    Margaret P

  6. Another great post.

    One thing, though, I am forgiving when others prattle on as sometimes it can be due to nervousness. At least, that's what I used to do in the past and so can forgive others for same. However, if it is negative (or bitchy) talk then no, I don't condone and won't give them any airtime. (Now that I am older and more sure of myself I will actually ask the person to stop and may even ask them to reflect on what they are saying. Whereas when I was in my 30s did not have the confidence to do so). I have a key group of dear, close friends who are the ones I share any woes with. And they with me. And we know that it goes no further. Exhausted with ratty kids and seemingly stubborn husband ? Well my best friend knows she can ring me and unload and it all goes in one ear and out the other and I think no less of her or her cherubs or beloved. But thats not what you were describing. Nasty gossip is NOT my cup of tea, nor is it for anyone who is a 'good' (or chic) person.

    Please don't be dismissive of your friends who may occasionally overshare, though. I'm a talker and often need to talk thru a situation to find a solution or even if there is no solution, to be able to 'sit' with it. This isn't mindless chatter and I'm not wasting the time of the listener, it is a process that is necessary for me at times. I am very careful who I choose to talk things thru - only my key group of close friends and family members. But that's another valuable lesson I have learnt.

    ps that colour and neckline looks stunning on you.
    pps I could almost hear your cats purring watching that fire. I certainly won't tell my cat that yours have their own fire. She would be most put out !

  7. Margaret, I need reining in too :) I like your journalist questions, they sound very friendly and conversational.

    Pret a Porter P, haha, not sure if I ever will fully either!

    Lara, I know what you mean about close friends being able to have a little vent, that's different.

    Yes, cats do love a roaring fire, who can blame them!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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