Friday, June 10, 2016

30 Chic Days – The Fourth Series: Day 3

We’re into Day 3 of the 30 Chic Days series.  If you’ve just joined us, you can catch up from to Day 1 here.  For this series I’m following a simple format, logging my day.  The goals are:

Awareness of what I’m doing each day
Where I am placing my focus, and
Remembering what I want to achieve (versus one day blending into the next).

Here’s what I will be reporting on each day for thirty days:

What I ate
What I wore
How I moved my body
What I read
My focus for the day

Day 3:

What I ate

Tea with trim milk first thing

Breakfast – fresh chopped apple and mandarin topped with rice porridge (hot), raw brazils, almonds and walnuts, a soy latte (homemade)

Lunch – cheese and crackers (double cream brie, smoked cheddar and swiss) with a peanut butter Frooze Ball and coffee.

Dinner – Pre-made (from the freezer) meatloaf which I heated in the oven along with roast potato (really pushing the boat out sharing one potato between the two of us), onion and carrot, with steamed broccoli and cauliflower.  A champagne flute of Perrier Lemon to accompany.  Decaf coffee and one giant piece of unreal Lindt 90% cacao chocolate for afters.  That 90% Lindt is something else, so dense and fudgey.  The 70% chocolate we used to get tastes too sweet now!

Apart from tea and coffee, I drank water throughout the day as yesterday.

What I wore

Well, I wore my pyjamas until 10.30am which was quite luxurious, then I changed into my exercise clothes and went for a walk, then when I got back I had a shower and changed into my home loungewear of black leggings and a grey slouchy merino top with short black sheepskin boots.  Quite a decadent day all round really!  (You may have guessed I had a day at home from my outfits).

How I moved

I had a blood test to do, so I incorporated this in with my walk.  It was about half an hour each way which is perfect.  It rained a bit on the way there but I had my rain jacket on, and on the way back it was fine.  A few years back I was diagnosed celiac and my iron can be low because of this.  I have regular blood tests to make sure it’s okay.

What I read

The current issue of Victoria magazine, their annual French issue.  It’s delicious!  I don’t have a subscription like I used to; I bought my French issue from the book shop.  You can also order single issues from their website.  I’ve loved Victoria magazine since the 1980s.  Even though Victoria style is a bit too frou frou for my home décor taste, I adore the relaxed and happy feeling I get from reading this magazine.  Magazine meditation I’m going to call it.

My focus for the day

Today I focused on enjoying my day at home as well as doing tasks I want to complete.  I wanted to feel good that I’d had proportionate times of relaxing and being productive.  What doesn’t feel good is noodling around on the computer, getting sucked into something dumb that takes an hour or two away from my day.

I’ve heard it called a rabbit-hole (I’m sure there are good and bad rabbit-holes).  Those times are pointless and I never feel good after.  Fair enough if I’m researching something I’m interested in, but there comes a point when I start feeling unsatisfied, as if I am eating junk food just because it’s there – that’s what pointless internet browsing feels like to me.

I had my Mozart tracks playing softly in the background at home today and it was so nice.  Music like that certain brings about an air of elegance and I find myself behaving in a more elegant manner.  I love that.


Are you joining in this 30 Chic Days Series too?  If so, please mention this in the comments so we can click through to your blog, or if you don’t have a blog and would like to participate, you can let us know in the comments how your day went.

See you tomorrow, be chic!


  1. I am really loving your posts Fiona and I have just ordered my very first Victoria magazine. I am also so looking forward to receiving your new book. So much to enjoy and look forward to. Xox

  2. Hi, I have just discovered your blog through Jennifer at the daily connoisseur. I like your 30day idea, I need to write down what I eat again! Thanks for the inspiration from England!

  3. Loving this series and seeing these glimpses into your day. It's very inspiring and a great pairing as I start to delve into your book!

  4. Yes, the computer can be a real time-waster if I'm not purposeful about it. And Victoria has always been my favorite!

  5. Kim, yay! I'm sure you will enjoy Victoria and hope you love my book, thank you.

    Katie, my pleasure, welcome!

    Sarah, thank you!

    Deborah, I knew that such an elegant lady would be a Victoria fan :) The pictures on your blog look like they came straight from the pages.

  6. I'm currently checking out past Victoria magazines from my library and they are so relaxing to read, and also timeless. It's one of my true simple pleasures.

  7. Ordered How to be CHic from Amazon and never came. . . still waiting. . . cancelled my order. You should know this. Perhaps be aware of how your product is being distributed.

  8. Stephanie, you are lucky that your library stocks Victoria! What a wonderful resource.

    Anonymous, oh no, that must be frustrating, I'm sorry to hear that. The Kindle version should come straight away, emailed to you, but the print copy can take a few days as it's 'print on demand'. There might be a couple of days delay until it's shipped, and then it's however long it takes to where you live (it takes longer for me in New Zealand than for someone in the United States for example). Amazon are usually excellent, I've never not received something I have ordered.

    You could contact Amazon about your order, or, if you've definitely cancelled, maybe order direct from the publisher CreateSpace: Anything I've ordered from CreateSpace has always arrived safely and in a timely manner. Thank you for your feedback.

  9. Dear Fiona,
    I'm fascinated by the hot rice porridge you've been having for breakfast. Could I possibly trouble you to tell us a little about it? You make it yourself from brown rice and water? Or is it something you can buy in New Zealand? Is it sweetened with something? Or do you salt it?

  10. Nice music is so uplifting. Your day sounded good.
    Now you taught me what a dome is, but what's noodling? Wasting time?

  11. Do you happen to have a recipe for vichyssoise? It's my all-time
    favorite soup and every "FRENCH" person makes it a little differently.
    I'm new to your blog and have read almost all of it. You are fun and interesting and a very good writer. Thank you for making me sit up straight...Mom thanks you, too.
    Kathleen from Oregon

  12. Gaye, I have a bought rice porridge ( ), but googling 'sweet rice porridge recipe' brought up this delicious sounding one which I might have to try:

    PP, yes, in that context noodling around would be wasting time, however when I noodle around at home it is like pottering/puttering. Sometimes it's productive, sometimes it's not :)

    Kathleen, welcome, glad to have you here! I do make vichyssoise, but probably a very basic version. My mum made it a lot for us growing up (she is the 'soup queen'). We don't eat it chilled though, which I think might be the traditional way to have it? I sauttee leeks and add potatoes and chicken stock, then blend smooth when cooked. Very basic :) Thank you very much for your lovely words!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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