Sunday, June 19, 2016

{Video} 30 Chic Days – The Fourth Series: Day 12

Today I thought I'd do something a little different for the 30 Chic Days Series, just to mix it up a bit.  I've made a video where I'm reading the first chapter from my new book Thirty Chic Days: Practical inspiration for a beautiful life.  The chapter is called Day 1 - Have a Paris state of mind and it's one of my favourites.

If you'd like to receive the ebook version of the first three chapters of Thirty Chic Days, simply subscribe to my blog, on the sidebar to the right, and you will be sent this straight away, along with other chic goodies.

Thank you so much for those of you who have emailed and written to me on my blog, Instagram and Facebook that you are enjoying my book.  This is music to my ears because I've loved writing it and am so happy that it is being well received.

If you've finished the book, it would make my day if you'd submit an honest review to Amazon.  Having reviews - even not great ones - really helps a book get noticed by Amazon, plus you will give would-be readers good information to go on.  A review doesn't have to be long, one or two lines is fine.

Merci, and I hope you enjoy today's video!


  1. That is a lovely video, Fiona, and I do like your Kiwi accent (as far removed from French as I can imagine!) I once was at the Devon County Show buying from a stall where two New Zealand girls were serving. I asked how much the item was that I had bought, and one of them said to me "Wun-tin" and I'd no idea what that was, so I asked her to repeat herself, and she said, a bit more loudly, WUN-TIN! It transpired that she wanted One-ten, or rather One pound and ten pence - the vowel sounds are quite different over here!
    We always have mineral water these days. I even take a glass of sparkling mineral water to bed at night, in a cut glass tumbler, of course. I can't remember when we last drank wine. We just prefer mineral water (my favourite is Pellegrino, Italian mineral water, followed by Badoit, French mineral water.)
    Margaret P

  2. It is lovely hearing you reading your book!
    This is one of my favourite I so adore Paris.
    I have adopted many habits that transport me back to Paris...

    Merci Beaucoup

  3. Thank you, Rose :)

    Hi Margaret, yes, accents can cause quite a bit of confusion sometimes!

    Hostess, merci!

  4. Thank you for your beautiful blog!


  5. You have such an elegance about you, Fiona! I'm sure some of it is your lovely accent. It really makes me want to be more elegant too!

  6. Nicolle, you're welcome! Glad you enjoy it :)

    Carla, aah, so sweet, thank you!

  7. I'm loving my current visit to your blog!! Pinned, tweeted, bookmarked! Great content. Keep it coming!


Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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