Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Reader Q&A Final Day

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Anonymous asked:

You have created such a peaceful and calm life for yourself - I am envious. It sounds so soothing and relaxing. Does anything stress you out? It just appears that you are so serene all the time, or at least that is what comes through in your blogs.

Dear Anonymous, just reading your question makes me feel relaxed.  You’re right, I have created a peaceful and calm life for myself because that is the way I desire to live.  I’m so glad serenity comes through in my blog.  Isn’t it funny how words can convey someone’s voice so well?  I notice it when I read other peoples blogs, I really get a feel for them.

Cultivating calmness on a daily basis helps me feel joyful and happy most of the time.  It’s many things added together, such as:

- Remembering to be accepting of myself and others
- Speaking in a soft and pleasant voice
- Nurturing harmonious relationships
- Being a soft and gentle person
- Feeling compassionate towards other people and also animals
- Getting enough rest
- Spending time by myself
- Doing things that make me feel happy

I also let a lot more wash over me these days.  I don’t need to get upset over some small slight, or fight someone else’s corner.  If there is an issue that’s nothing to do with me, I try and stay out of it.

I’ve consciously simplified my life a lot too.  I subscribe to very few email lists, I regularly prune my internet bookmarks and decluttering is part of my routine.

I can’t be doing with dramatic relationships either.  My husband and I are both easy-going Librans and I love that we have a drama-free, non-arguing household.  I totally don’t believe anyone that says ‘if you don’t have arguments there is something wrong’.  We both feel awful if there is even 1% tension in the air and have to resolve things straight away.

It really comes down to a decision to live in a calm way.  I've made the decision to lead a simple and tidy life and most of the time I am heading towards that.  Sometimes I veer off track and wonder why I feel out of sorts.  That ungrounded feeling reminds me why I choose to live the way I do.

I know my quiet life might sound so boring to someone else, and that reminds me of something else that helps with my serenity – I care less what other people think of me than I used to.  It’s so freeing.


This is the final day for Q&A.  I don't know about you but I really enjoyed answering your great questions and I plan on doing it again at some stage in the future.  Thank you for participating!


  1. I also love living a calm and peaceful life and avoid drama like the plague!

  2. Oh yes, I agree with this post on many levels!

    Fiona this has been a fun series, thank you.

  3. This was a great series, thank you Fiona!

  4. Really enjoyed these Q&A posts, Fiona. It was great "getting to know you" more.

  5. Boring? Never! Peace and serenity reign, in my book...perhaps not always in my life however. But I try. I agree with you-decluttering is a huge part of having a peaceful life. I enjoy a room with some open space, don't you? No need to fill up every corner. Hope you have a very peaceful day.

  6. I think your quiet life is opposite of boring. it sounds divine. I would say I was envious but that would spike me right out of my serenity mode. Oh all right i'll say it anyway--- I am ENVIOUS!!!!

  7. Fiona, loved this Q&A. I've also just purchased all your books. Loving them. Love your 'voice' in them. I feel we are talking together as i read them, and as an author myself, that is great to be able to convey to the reader.



Merci for your comment. Wishing you a chic day!

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