Saturday, June 6, 2015

Day 12: Reader Q&A - Julia

Julia (aged 15) asked:

What were you like when you were a school girl?  (I'm curious to know because I am a school girl myself and I am head over heels in love with your blog!)

Hi Julia, what a fun question to answer.  Thinking back to when I was at high school, I remember having a rich inner life and I loved to daydream.  I had a close group of friends who were quite diverse.  We were all arty and creative in our own ways. 
At that time my favourite things to do were spend time with my family and friends, make my own clothes, comb thrift stores and army surplus for ‘interesting’ finds to wear, read loads, ride everywhere on my bicycle (until I got my driver’s license, and then it was my 1969 VW Beetle that I had to have instead of a more practical car).  I also loved any form of art or craft throughout my school days.

When I was really young, at primary school, I was super-shy and when my mum asked why I was crying when we were up town one day, I told her it was because an older boy had walked past and called me a ‘squirt’ (little).  He may have even said it in friendliness like ‘hey squirt’, I don’t remember.  But that made me cry!  I was a bit of a sook.

I wasn’t much into sports at high school, but I did love running.  I wasn’t very good at games such as netball or tennis and there were so many rules to remember and follow.  It all felt so boring to me.  Running by comparison felt easy and like freedom.  These days walking is my running though, it’s easier on the joints.

I remember my childhood as being truly charmed.  I feel so fortunate that I have a loving family and grew up in a small town where it felt safe, with extended family and school friends living nearby.  Growing up in the 1970s and 1980s was a simple time, and also an exciting time  - especially the 1980s as it was quite a colourful decade.

All decades have their own charm though, and I would love to be growing up right now just as much.  There is so much possibility all around us.  In fact, I still feel young now.  The inside feels just the same as it did thirty five years ago!


  1. A delightful post! Isn't it funny how we can feel young despite growing older?

  2. Such a lovely question and how wonderful you are resonating with the next generation of "chicness" ;-)
    Loved your answer xx

  3. What a lovely and joyful childhood picture of you, Fiona...I love it!

  4. Great question and lovely reply. Before I'd finished reading I'd figured you were from a small town - going 'up town' :) I'm from a smaller town, we'd go 'up the street'!

  5. i think i am in love with julia! she has great taste. :)


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